Westley Richards, Gold Name, Droplock, 12g, Detachable Lock, Westley Richards 12g Hand Detachable Lock ‘Gold Name’ gun.

The gold name gun is pure gunmaking, a naked gun with no engraving to hide the flaws. I have always admired and liked these guns very much, it is quite nice to have a rest from all the engraving and just see the gun as what it is intended, a tool for shooting birds.

I recall well a lesson given to me by the infamous David Winks of Holland & Holland at a Sotherby’s auction when I first started in this trade. David kindly showed me around all the guns offered at the auction, sharing his experience, and explaining all the traps that I would encounter when buying at auction. When we came across a Greener 8g with only name engraving, nothing else, his eyes lit up and he explained the making of such guns and how they were in fact, much harder to make than the engraved ones. Every part had to be perfectly finished to receive either the case colour or the charcoal blue.

Rarely have I seen an example of our Gold Name gun, which is naked besides the name in gold block, in such nice condition with its colour worn off where handled but remaining where not.

Westley Richards, Gold Name, Droplock, Detachable Lock, 12g, Shotgun

David Winks was a Director of Holland & Holland and possibly one of the most knowledgeable men I have met during my years in the gun trade. David posses a wealth of  knowledge both in antique and sporting arms. In the years before Chanel took over Holland & Holland, Westley Richards and Holland & Holland cooperated actively together in many ways, primarily in the India dealings but also in many other areas. These were the days when the gunmakers understood who they were and worked together, something completely lost when the corporate takeovers of Purdey and Hollands took place and the accountants took over.


A Superb Vintage BOSS & Co. 12g Over and Under.

Boss & Co, Over Under, Shotgun, 12g, Left Handed,

Boss & Co, 12g, shotgun, over under, vintage Boss,

Boss & Co, Over and Under, Shotgun, 12g, vintage gun

Certain guns just seem to have ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is. I guess a combination of perfect barrel making, actioning, file up, stocking, engraving and finishing. When you combine all this with unmolested patina you have a great gun and this Boss & Co. 12g over and under is such a gun.

Part of the reason that it has probably remained in such nice condition is that it is a left hand opening gun. Even left handed people don’t know how to use a left hand opening gun it seems nowadays, they have adapted to using right handed ones. So with no demand it seems a perfect reason to keep it in the safe and enjoy it!

Boss & Co., Rose and scroll, over and under, great engraving,

A nice reference for any budding engravers who seem these days to race past the basics and try to go to the game scenes and carving too quickly. Rose and scroll such as this is timeless and so few people can actually do it any more to a standard such as this. Click on the photo to enlarge it.


Blenhaim Palace

We look forward to welcoming customers old and new to our stand P0569 on Gunmakers Row and to showing you our complete range of bespoke shotguns and rifles and hand crafted leather goods. All the team will be at the show and look forward to meeting you.

Courteney Selous

We will also have a full range of Courteney boots available for you to try on and buy at the CLA Game Fair. Customers will receive 10% off any pair of Courteney boots when this post is  mentioned.

Sutherland Bag

Our full range of hand made leather goods will be on display and customers ordering any leather goods at the show will receive free initialling worth £30.00


A few of the guns that will be on display at the game fair.



WR 12g Round Action


Perazzi SCO/C, Galeazzi, Patelli, Game Scenes, Deluxe,

In a slight departure from the normal English guns and rifles that we sell, we will shortly be bringing to market a substantial collection of high end Perazzi’s which have been collected by one of our long standing clients. The collections covers a wide spectrum of Perazzi models and includes 12g, 20g, 28g and .410 guns, mostly in new and unfired condition. As soon as the guns have been properly listed they will be found on our used gun site.

Perazzi, MX12 SCO/O, Gold, Pair, Deluxe engraving Perazzi, MX410, Sidelplate, Game Engraving, Deluxe Wood, Perazzi, SCO/C, MX8, Sideplate, Deluxe Engraving, Perazzi, Extra Gold, Galeazzi,SCO/O, Game Engraving, Deluxe wood,

Perazzi, MX12, SCO/O, Gold, Deluxe

Perazzi, Deluxe, Gold, 12g, Galeazzi, Deluxe

Perazzi, Extra, !2g, Bulino, Bonsi, Game Engraved,


Storm I90 USAAnd here was me thinking it was summer!  

The manager of our US shop is on vacation for 2 weeks so I decided to come over and sit in our Bozeman office for a few weeks and catch up with friends this side of the pond. Flying into Chicago I have made my way here by road, stopping off and filling my rented suburban with guns. I think my timing could have been better, everyone is away on holiday and July 4th is not the best time for a Limey in Montana!

Whilst here I have managed to pick up some very nice new guns to offer on our website which are being photographed now and will soon be online. I will also be heading down to Twin Bridges to visit Sweetgrass rods who have made my first replica WR split cane rod. I look forward to collecting it and trying it out on a spring creek.

Anyone who would like to catch up whilst I am here, and anyone who has some unwanted guns needing selling please call me on the office number in Bozeman where I will be during the week.

Holland & Holland, Coggan, Royal Deluxe, 28g, shotguns, pair,A Pair of Holland & Holland 28g Royal Deluxe engraved by S. Coggan.

Holland & Holland, 20g, Set of 3, Grifnee, Royal Deluxe,A set of 3 Holland & Holland Royal Deluxe engraved by the late Phillipe Grifnee.

McKay Brown, 410, shotgun, creative arts, pair of guns,A Pair of .410 round body shotguns by David McKay Brown. Creative Arts engraving.

A HARTMANN & WEISS 20g Over and Under Engraved by Alan Brown.

Hartmann & Weiss 20g Over Under

Two things you would have to wait a very long time for, a Hartmann & Weiss over and under shotgun based on the famous Boss design and engraving by the renowned Alan Brown. Together they are the perfect match and here you see the result. In this case a client had given up the wait after many years so a lucky person was able to jump at the opportunity and take up the contract at the last minute, getting the gun in 2 years not 12!

Hartmann & Weiss 20g Over Under

Hartmann & Weiss 20g Over Under 3

Hartmann & Weiss 20g Over Under 2

Hartmann & Weiss 20g Over Under


Roald  Amundsen, The ExploraRoald Amundsen who took a 12g Super Magnum Explora on his Polar expeditions.

It is hardly believable to me that almost a year has passed since we first launched this blog last July. 209 posts later and before I head to USA next week for a road trip to find more guns, I wanted to take the oppertunity to thank everyone who has visited the blog, especially to those who have commented on posts and sent me messages of encouragement privately. We have all been surprised at how well it has been received.

Certainly The Explora is quite hard work and was always intended to be a “shared duty” here at the factory, however a year later, we stand with a current score of Simon 200 posts, Rachel 5 posts and Trigger a measly 2 posts! Shared duty my …….!!

In order to generate some guest contributions to the blog and to add some other items of interest for visitors I would like to award a prize for the best “Guest Post” over the next 6 months. The First prize will be one of my 2 copies of the 1 – 50 limited edition Leather bound bicentennial history “In Pursuit of the Best Gun”. This edition sold out within weeks and originally cost £750 a copy.  There will be 4 runners up who will get a copy of the 1 – 200 limited edition book.

Limited edition leather, westley richards, bicentennialThe Limited Edition Copy  ” In Pursuit of the Best Gun” and sample spreads. 

In Pursuit of the Best Gun In Pursuit of the Best Gun

This first prize limited edition book is beautifully hand bound in goat skin with a checkering pattern emboss. The book is signed by The author Jeremy Musson, my father Walter Clode, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Thani  (who kindly wrote the introduction to the book) and myself. The prizes will be sent out in December after judging on 10th December so the winners will have in time for Christmas.

Please get out your pens and send in any short articles on guns and gunmaking, wing shooting and big game hunting, gear and destinations. Anything that you feel will enhance the blog. I will post all relevant submissions but not promotions! Judging will be by a combination of a Westley Richards panel and comments received for the relevant posts!

Submissions can be made please, to 

Thank you and Good Luck!



BOSS & Co. 20 & 28g. OVER AND UNDER.

Boss & Co., Round Action, 20g Over Under

Boss & Co, 28g, Over Under,

Boss & Co., 20g Over Under

Boss & Co. 28g Over Under

It’s not often you get to see a pair of recent Boss over and under shotguns. These 2 pairs were built during the transition of Boss & Co to their new owner Keith Halsey. The guns were ordered in Dover Street from Tim Robertson survived the brief ownership of Boss by Ken Finkin and finally completed under the Halsey tenure. I supplied the wood and was very relieved when they made it out of the factory, they are super guns. The 20g pair are on the round bodied actions.


Holland & Holland, 500 NE, Double Rifle Holland & Holland Royal Deluxe .500 Double Rifle. Engraved by P. Coggan.

James Purdey, .470, Double Rifle James Purdey & Son .470 Double Rifle. Engraved by Flohimont Cecile.

Westley Richards, .470, Double Rifle Westley Richards & Co. .470 Double Rifle. Engraved by Vince Crowley.

Boss & Co. .500, Over Under, Rifle.Boss & Co. .500 Over and Under Double Rifle.

There are currently four gunmakers in England producing sidelock double rifles for dangerous game, an example of each of the companies models are shown above. All are rifles are built in recent times, by which I mean within the last 15 years. The first three are photographed from the same angle and in the same position as each other so a visual comparison can be made.