3-Sidelock-12g-Westley-Richards    A Trio of Westley Richards Round Action Sidelock’s  

Set-of-3-Droplock-Lightweight-12g-Westley-Richards    A Trio of Westley Richards Lightweight Droplock 12g’s.

Often we are asked why people order a set of three guns. I was lucky to be invited this week to shoot grouse in North Yorkshire where we had three excellent days sport, the weather was warm but not too warm, there was wind and the sun was not out. 2 people in the line of guns had gun failures (not our guns I hasten to add!) during the 3 days which left them shooting with one gun. With driven grouse, or in fact any game now when you are paying for double gun days, being left with one serviceable gun is quite a handicap. You will only get the 2 shots off at a covey, not 2 as they approach and 2 as they depart. So the purpose of the third gun is as a spare in the event of a malfunction. It should be taken on the hill and be ‘at hand’, to put in instant play should the need occur. For those people considering a pair of sidelock guns from our friends in London, it is well worth looking at ours. 3 guns and some change for the price of their 2!


2 thoughts on “2 SHOTGUNS or 3 SHOTGUNS?

  1. Truly beautiful guns, one day i would like to up grade my grand fathers WR trade gun for one of these, but WR is not just around the corner as i’m in Australia. Love your work.

    • Thank you Stuart, we hope you get to visit one day. If this is not possible, we are past masters at dealing with customers requests, at arms length, without ever meeting them!

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