Finally our new websites are online and I thank you very much for taking the time to visit!

After nearly a year at the mercy of “the computer geeks” we hope that these new sites give our customers and visitors a much easier and more interesting experience into what we do and into what we offer!

I apologise in advance for any anomalies, but the only way in the end to get the sites live was to give a date or it would have dragged on! We will be working hard over the next weeks adding content and fixing any bugs so please return to see how the sites improve.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the new sites and would of course welcome any comments.



Westley Richards 416 Take Down Bolt Action Rifle with relief scroll and game. 2012

The underside of the rifle.

Magazine cover plate with relief Buffalo in ornamental scroll.

Westley Richards 416 Take Down bolt action rifle.

Westley Richards 300 Winchester Take Down Bolt Action.

Westley Richards 300 & 375 H&H  interchangeable barrel take down bolt action.

We have recently seen a large increase in demand for our take down bolt action rifles, which in a way does not come as a surprise to me. For many years people considered and argued that having an easily removed barrel would make for an inherently inaccurate rifle due to not being able to breech up the barrel tightly. In practise, in the hunting field, this has not proved to be the case. The benefits realised by ease of transport in these day’s of difficult airline handling, seem to have far outweighed the negative arguments on accuracy.




“Wildlife photography has become a holiday and adventure cliche: have telephoto lens, will snap view up rhino’s nostril — so uninteresting, so blah.

And then there’s Nick Brandt. Brandt eschews the telephoto lens in favour of patience combined with a rare courage, determination and an artist’s eye to photograph wildlife. The results are animals so accustomed to Brandt’s presence and so untroubled by him that his pictures are breathtakingly beautiful and touching in their honesty and emotion….He clearly has an affinity with these glorious creatures that’s heart-stopping. “

 Sunday Telegraph, Australia

Westley Richards 600 Nitro Express “The India Rifle”


Left Hand Lock India Rifle

Westley Richards .600 Nitro Express “The India Rifle”  Completed 2013.

We have recently completed a project on which we embarked on 7 years ago. This was to design and build a new model sidelock 600 NE and then to embellish it extravagantly in celebration of the Indian Raj. Completed recently, we first showed the rifle at a small exhibition of the English gunmakers held at The Dorchester Hotel in London in May. More recently we showed this rifle at the CLA GameFair last weekend and received much praise, including that from Paul Brown of “The Brown Brothers”, which is praise indeed.

As a few photographs are now being circulated of this rifle, (which were taken in bad light and on iPhones at the exhibitions), it is time for us to release a few of our own quick efforts for everyone to see this new and unique rifle, created in our workshops.

The India Rifle will next be exhibited as part of our display at the Safari Club Convention which is to be held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas from 5th – 8th February 2014.

We are currently engraving “The Africa Rifle” which is the pair to this .600 and which will be completed late 2014.





Gunmakers Row before opening.

Gunmakers Row in full swing.

James Purdey “Best Tent” award.

Roy Lyu of Boss & Co. “Best Hat” award.

Steve Harridence and Lloyd Bridges talking to customer in WR tent.

Anthony Alborough-Tregear  “Trigger” sporting his new hairdo.

The E J Churchill cocktail party.

After the party and just where did I leave my car?!





We are pleased to be collaborating with wildlife artist Owen Williams who has been making specific designs for some of our guns recently. Owen first worked with us late last year on a set of 6 shotguns. From 28g to 10g and destined for the UAE these guns featured the various game birds of the Middle East. More recently Owen has completed the game scene designs for a trio of 20g round body side locks as seen above.