Robin-Hurt Robin Anthony Hurt

Robin-Hurt-&-Simon-ClodeRobin Hurt and Simon Clode

It was really nice to see Robin Hurt here at the factory today, back from his hunting grounds in Namibia to collect his guns for the shooting season in England. Robin is among the few who have converted to shooting his game with a 28g, having seen his skills with a rifle many years ago when he collected his .425  I am sure he is more than competent against the pheasants with this gauge!

Few professional hunters can claim the experience Robin has as he approaches his 50th year in the business, even fewer, if any have maintained a reputation as he has.

Anthony ‘Trigger’ sat and talked to Robin and will later write about the interview he had, including a super story about when Robin, in a leopard blind in the early dawn, took his trousers quietly down in front of a client and whispered ‘take your trousers off’…..

We have been proud to have been associated with Robin over the years and to have supplied both him and his great clients guns, rifles and services for their Safari’s.

Robin’s new hunting grounds in Namibia can be seen here at Robin Hurt Namibia



Westley Richards has always had a very strong presence in the used gun and rifle market, we offer a very sensible and controlled alternative to the auction rooms, selling our guns to an extensive database of worldwide collectors and sportsmen. With the launch of our new used gun website we are now actively looking for items either for outright purchase or for sale on a consignment basis. Please contact either Kevin at our Bozeman shop or Anthony ‘Trigger’ Tregear at our UK factory for further details.

Some of the many guns and rifles we have sold this past year:

Purdey-Pair-12gA Pair of 1930’s vintage James Purdey & Sons 12g Game Guns

See further guns sold here. Continue Reading


12g-Fantasy Fantasy-12gOne of a pair of Fantasy Engraved Westley Richards 12g Round Action Sidelock guns.  

It is always exciting to get guns back from the engravers, especially when they have been away on a long project like this pair has, it has been definitely well worth the wait in this case! I have always believed fantasy style engraving suits guns so well and I am a great admirer of it. The Italian engravers are masters of the subject when done in fine bollino style, but here in its raw state and before case colour hardening, is a much deeper cut version which once hardened and finished will look very special indeed. The subject matter, masks, ornaments and figures lend themselves to the three dimensional work so well and when executed so carefully, as in this instance, they make a very welcome change form the traditional game scene guns of which we see a lot.

This is another pair of guns which we plan to have on show in USA during the early show season. I look forward to posting the photographs of the pair when they are finished in a couple of months time. At that point I plan to do a profile on the engraver, showing the full range of work he has completed for us to date.






Over the years Westley Richards has produced a number of small pocket sized catalogues, four of which I illustrate here. These measure from the top example  at 7 x 4.5 inches down to the mere 4.5 x 3 inch one at the bottom. I and many others have always really admired these small pocket sized pieces which have informative text, nice illustrations together with price guides for our guns and products.

Rachel-Elizabeth guided by Colin T who together designed and put together “In Pursuit of the Best Gun” are now working on a similar format small catalogue to be handed out at the shows we attend in 2014. The catalogue is being designed to fit in with these archival catalogues is intended to be something to hold on to rather than chuck away! This useful size will allow being put in your back jeans pocket as you walk around the shows.



Simon338The photograph from the 1949 Catalogue

Back in 1992 I was called by an elderly gentleman from Maine, who had just taken retirement at the age of about 70. He called to order a 30-06 hand detachable lock rifle and told me the rifle he wanted was exactly as illustrated in our 1949 catalogue, which he had had since the early ’50’s. He wanted the same look, the same case, telescope and accessories, all exactly as in the photograph which he would post to me that afternoon. The gentleman told me that he had dreamed of having this rifle all his working life, had saved accordingly into his retirement fund in order to treat himself, once he reached that time in life, which was now!

It was a great pleasure to build this rifle for someone who had waited such a long time and we built it in ‘quick time’, having been requested “I am  not in quite as good health as I expected to be at this time, so could you hurry it along please?”

About 18 months later he flew to England with his best friend, another keen hunter, in order to collect the rifle. Ken Halbert and I remember the visit well, the gentleman was frail by that time and we were nervous when he asked to shoot the rifle on the range. We worried initially about him holding the weight and then the effect of recoil perhaps causing the beats to stop! To our surprise he shot away with absolute accuracy and no problems, clearly enjoying pulling the trigger again and again on a rifle he had waited so many years to use.



Schoffel Ptarmigin Extreme

Schöffel have delivered best selling shooting outerwear for some years now, their outerwear is widely used and respected in the shooting field here in UK. The Ptarmigin has been modified over the years with different fabrics being used but the cut remaining the same. Schöffel’s latest innovation for this shooting coat features a GORE-TEX® Two layer laminate. The Ptarmigan Extreme provides extreme weather protection for the ultimate shooting performance. The coat has a great cut for shooting which allows plenty of room for the swing which many shooting coats fail to do. This combined with its ability to keep out the elements, be lightweight and warm makes for a winning design once again.




_RCO6996 _RCO7000

A very nice Holland & Holland 375 Flanged Magnum Dominion model which is cased in Oak & Leather with all accessories. This rifle is ready to go hunting and will be up on our used gun site within the next few days. With 26″ Barrels, Automatic Ejectors and a 15.5″ length of pull. The rifle is fitted with a Zeiss 1,1 – 4 x 24 on H&H quick detachable mounts. The rifle will be priced at £24,500.00 ( $39,000.00 ) so represents super value.


The cover of the bicentennial book was left by its designer, Colin Townsend as the last detail, considered after all the contents had been assembled and laid out. The original idea for the cover was done as a felt marker layout, or SCAMP, Colin’s only means of layout as he is a pre-computer designer! It called for a background of ‘gunmaking materials’ either colour hardening or barrel black we even discussed engraved steel and wood.

We chose a case colour hardening background as this is a very significant feature, found in our best guns since 1812. To produce the background we cut and polished the largest book format plate that would fit in the furnace at Ray St Ledger’s hardening shop, the plate was given to Richard St Ledger with a request to harden for vivid colours which he provided.

For the calligraphy we approached the renowned lettering artist Peter Horridge who was responsible amongst many things for After Eight and Agent Provocateur branding and asked him to take Colin’s idea and create a piece of artwork which we could take to print.

The combination of all the elements resulted in a very unique dust cover and I think demonstrates well the company’s attention to every little detail.

There are only 22 copies of the 1st edition of the book remaining for sale, so for those of you who have yet to get one please hurry as it is not in our plans to reprint and certainly if we ever do, it would have a different dust cover! The book can be purchased here.


The original cover design SCAMP.


The final calligraphy executed by Peter Horridge.

L1000684The Plate after Case Colour Hardening by St Ledger

BOOK-COVERThe Final Cover assembled and printed by Ripping Image London