Books to Read

There are literally 1000’s of books on the market which touch on our sport, in one way or another. Be they on guns, rifles, wing-shooting or big game hunting the choice is far and wide. Here at Westley Richards many of us have collected books on our sport since an early age and are often showing off to each other the ‘rare book’ we have just managed to acquire. It seemed appropriate to ask a few other well known book collectors, writers and sellers what their 10 best books were, the ones they feel every sportsman should read and have in their library. I hope it proves informative and helpful.

Anthony Alborough-Tregear “Trigger” runs the gunroom and production at Westley Richards and has been collecting books on guns and hunting since the age of 15.   His list is biased towards Africa and the hunting of Elephants to which he has now progressed after many years obsessively stalking Roe deer.

  1. African Rifles & Cartridges – John ‘Pondoro’ Taylor
  2. Modern Sporting Gunnery – Henry Sharp
  3. The End Of The Game – Peter Beard
  4. African Hunter – James Mellon
  5. The Maneaters Of Kumoan – Jim Corbett
  6. The Wanderings Of An Elephant Hunter – W.D.M.Bell
  7. The Adventures Of An Elephant Hunter – James Sutherland
  8. Travel And Adventure In South East Africa – F.C.Selous
  9. White Hunters – Brian Herne
  10. Elephant Hunters – Men Of Legend – Tony Sanchez Arino

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Westley Richards Over-&-Under

We are asked on a fairly regular basis why we don’t make our ‘Ovundo’ shotgun model in a slightly more aggressive manner, by which I mean actually offering it, rather than not!

The over and under shotgun is a model I have always shied away from making. Whilst no doubt commercially sensible, I personally have always shot with a side by side, and have preferred, whilst the company is under my guidance to focus on these side by side models. I clearly recall when I was young, that an over and under shotgun was completely frowned upon when taken to a game shoot, it was “go home and shoot clay’s” material.

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WR Website on Mac

Cream Awards are the premier awards for creative design outside of London and we are very pleased to have had our new website nominated for the 2013 awards. The winners will be announced on November 6th in Birmingham.

Every year, Cream Midlands award regional agencies for their best work – they uncover home grown design and recognise provincial talent.  The awards are the opportunity for creatives in the regions to stand out, compete with others in their area and win a coveted Cream trophy along with new clients.

Our thanks to Nzime who programmed, managed and entered the project for the awards and to Colin T and Rachel for all their hard work in house.