The Mighty .500 Jeffery in a Westley Richards Droplock Double Rifle

WEstley Richards Droplock in 500 Jeffery

The .500 Jeffery is a cartridge that has gained an almost cult status, probably this is due to the very limited amount of bolt action rifles produced by Jeffery in this calibre, the number 27 comes to mind. Anything very hard to get becomes very desirable and an original .500 Jeffery is one of those rifles. Legendary Professional Hunter Tony Sanchez-Arino was a big driving force behind the calibre in more recent years, he trusted it solely for his Elephant hunting days and sung its praise most highly.

For sure it is a very powerful cartridge, I have seen many Elephant despatched cleanly and quickly with this calibre, a calibre that due to its power almost allows a margin of error, a slightly off brain shot is a fatal shot sort of thing.

In recent years there has been some confusion created with the 500J cartridge. This came about when Kynamco started producing a 500J Cartridge which they claimed was to the original Kynoch and Jeffery drawings. It had a slightly different form to the case. They then proceeded to register this case with CIP in Europe making it ‘THE’ .500 Jeffery load. I have always felt this was wrong, and that the .500 Jeffery was simply based on the German 500 (12.7 x 70mm) Schuler round which I have no doubt was used. Nobody has ever seen an original Kynoch 500 Jeffery round that matches the drawings specs.

One time I sent a .500 Jeffery to proof and they told me the chamber was wrong for the round. I said it wasn’t and took the 2 original Jeffery 500’s we have and the original .500 Schuler we have to the proof house to prove my point. If the same chamber was right when the people who introduced the round, why is it now wrong? Now there are 2 proof codes one for the Jeffery and one for the Schuler, a very stupid, confusing and dangerous scenario in my opinion.

Anyway, I digress, here I am pleased to show the only .500 Jeffery Droplock double rifle Westley Richards has ever made. I am not sure if any other UK companies have made a double in this calibre. The rifle uses an enlarged version of the excellent Westley Richards extractor system devised to use with the rimless .425 and .318. This rifle has been to Africa and I have seen it take down buffalo effortlessly.  I will however admit the ‘shooter’ was almost taken down as well. It certainly has a bark to it!

WEstley Richards Droplock in 500 Jeffery

WEstley Richards Droplock in 500 Jeffery

WEstley Richards Droplock in 500 Jeffery

WEstley Richards Droplock in 500 Jeffery

Jeffery 500 Catalogue page.

Westley Richards Best Quality Droplock Single Trigger Rifle in 32-40


I think in the world of double rifles the very big and very small always seem to attract the most attention. I am not sure why exactly this is, but most probably because they are not that common. It is quite easy to go to a gun show or showroom and see a double rifle in the 375 – 500 size calibre but much harder to go and see a nice big bore or small bore rifle of the same quality, there just were not that many made.

This rifle no 17303 was one of 2 made with 17304 and is a best quality droplock in 32-40, we only ever made 8 in this size and only half of those were best quality, I am not sure how many had single selective triggers like these two, it weighs in at a lively 7lbs. 8ozs. The rifle remains in superb condition and is the perfect miniature Westley Richards traditional double rifle, drop lock, single selective trigger, traditional engraving and case colour hardened. For this rifle I had Superior Ammunition load a few hundred rounds of ammo.

I notice that the of the four folding leaves on the express sight, only the first one is engraved with a distance, 100 yds. I recall when I first started at Westley Richards we had a similar rifle brought into the shop and offered for sale, my fathers line of negotiation was to tell the owner the calibre was absolutely useless, so useless infact that he was quite prepared to go down the end of the range at Grange Road and let the owner try and shoot him in the arse! I can’t remember if we got the rifle but luckily the challenge wasn’t taken up. I think the bullet would have made the 50yds distance but obviously the man who regulated this rifle wasn’t able to reach the target beyond 100yds.

This is a super little rifle and one that needs to taken out and tried on some game. There is an article about the 32-40 Cartridge here by Dave Thornblom for anybody wanting to know the history and ballistics. It confirms Dad was lucky!


Double Sherwood Rifle




Westley Richards record


Westley Richards & Co. USA New Year Shows Itinerary 2015.

Westley Richards visit to Dallas January 2015

Today we reopened our factory for the new year and immediately started  making preparations to depart for USA and our annual shows during the month of January and early February. We sincerely hope that if you attend any of these shows, that you will pass by our booths to say hello and take a little time to look at some of our work “in the flesh”. We will be travelling with a wide selection of our guns and rifles and will be on hand to answer any questions you can throw at us!

The Events we will be attending over the next month are as follows.

Dallas Safari Club

Westley Richards stand at Dalas SCI Dallas Safari Club January 15th – 18th. Booths 1513 & 1514


Antique Arms Show Las Vegas Las Vegas Antique Arms Show.Las Vegas Antique Arms Show. Riviera Hotel January 23rd. – 25th. East Booths 1 & 2


SCI Convention 2015 at Mandalay Bay Hotel see Westley Richards L1001949 Safari Club International Convention. Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas February 4th. – 7th. Booths: 2209, 2211, 2213, 2215, 2308, 2310, 2312 & 2314

We look forward to seeing you at one of these fine shows!



A Very Happy New Year and Prosperous 2015. A selection of guns from 2014.

Double Rifle, Westley Richards, 470, droplock2015 brings a new chapter in our gunmaking history. This .470 will be the 1st delivered.

In England we are lucky to enjoy a prolonged holiday at Christmas time, this year the factory closed on the 24th and opens again on January 5th, giving plenty of time to add a layer of winter warmth from the excess food and drink! I hope everyone, wherever you may be also enjoyed a good holiday and Christmas and wish you the very best for the New Year.

One of the comments I received recently, related to there being a great selection of photos on our Instagram account but not so many appearing ‘large size’ on The Explora. So in an effort to correct that, here is a selection to start the year off.

Westley Richards, droplock, .410, alan brown,

Westley Richards, droplock, .410, alan brown,Westley Richards .410 Droplock engraved by Alan Brown.

Westley Richards, sidelock, roundaction, 12g, shotgun, Westley Richards 12g Round Action Sidelock engraved by Florian Guillert.

Westley Richards, sidelock, roundaction, 20g, shotgun,Westley Richards Trio 20g Round Action Sidelocks engraved by Florian Guillert.

Westley Richards, Droplock, 12g Shotgun, Oak & Leather caseCased Westley Richards 12g Droplock with sideplates engraved by Peter Spode.

Westley Richards Ovundo, 20g ShotgunWestley Richards Droplock Single Trigger 20g Ovundo engraved by Vince Crowley.

Westley Richards 20g, Roundaction Sidelocks,

Westley Richards 20g, Roundaction Sidelocks,Pair of Westley Richards Roundaction 20g Sidelocks engraved by Paul Chung.

577 Droplock, Westley Richards, double rifle, 577

577 Droplock, Westley Richards, double rifle, 577

577 Droplock, Westley Richards, double rifle, 577

577 Droplock, Westley Richards, double rifle, 577Westley Richards .577 Droplock cased in Oak and Leather and engraved by Peter Spode.

Westley Richards, Droplock 375, Double Rifle,Westley Richards .375 Droplock fitted with QD Telescope and cased in Oak & Leather.

Westley Richards, droplock 500,Westley Richards .500 Droplock rifle with Traditional pattern scroll engraving.

Westley Richards double rifleMany customers wait patiently for this photograph. The rifle stocked and off to engraving!

Pair Purdey 28g

Pair Purdey 28g

Pair Purdey 20g

Purdey Pair 20gTwo Pairs of James Purdey in 20g & 28g for which engraving was done in Italy.

Boss 28g Over under Pair

Boss 20g Over Under PairBoss & Co. 2 Pairs of Over and Under shotguns in 20g and 28g.

Droplock WR 303 A Rare .303 Westley Richards droplock. (Sorry HL!)

Sutherland Rifle .577 James Sutherland’s 577 Single Trigger Hand Detachable Lock Rifle.

Picture00121-Edit The Westley Richards 12g Cutaway Gun with Single Selective Trigger.

WR Gold Name 12gThe Westley Richards ‘GOLD NAME’ 12g, clean, simple but beautiful.

The India Rifle, WEstley Richards, 600 Double rifleThe other end of the spectrum is the India Rifle, a sidelock .600 engraved by Paul Lantuch.

The Lion Rifle, Westley Richards, 470 double rifleAnother masterpiece from Paul Lantuch, the Lion Rifle. A Westley Richards 470 sidelock.

Pair Express rifles, 7x57r, westley richards,Pair of 7x57R Droplock Rifles engraved by Paul Chung.

We have many more guns in the collection to photograph and will be trying to find time to do this in the new year. First though we are headed to Dallas for the Dallas Safari Club convention which starts on the 15th January followed by visits to The Antique Arms show in Las Vegas and the SCI Convention. We will be exhibiting at all three exhibitions and look forward to welcoming all to our stands.