It is not only the expensive guns that are interesting!

Some used shotguns at Westley Richards and a 22 hornet.

Here are some good examples of how we often take in used guns for sale, a mixed selection from someone who has had enough shooting and is cleaning out the cupboard. I always have liked this kind of deal, it is not only the very expensive and immaculate condition guns that get me excited buying guns but guns which have had a life of service and are ready after a little care and attention and then a few years more work! These guns are very typical of the sort of condition we would find guns in which we bought in India, they needed a little tender care and then they would be fit for service for many years more.

From the top we have here a Howard A. Davis 20g boxlock ejector which will make a very nice gun for a youngster. An unusual underlever Holland & Holland 12g ejector black powder gun which is perfect for the man wanting to win the ‘blackpowder’ cup at the Southern side by side! A Westley Richards 12g Heronshaw ejector which has colour and condition and finally a nice little single barrel Westley Richards scroll back ejector rifle in .22 hornet complete with telescope. All the guns are in good condition besides cosmetic work, barrel black and stock refinish which we will be undertaking as required. If anything appeals please let me know, they range in price from $3000-5000.

Jag, Mop and Brush and Striker or Spare Foresight Envelopes.

Small Jag Pouches-1137-Edit

I got annoyed recently that we didn’t have nice envelopes for the accessories in our cases. In old cases you would find a very nicely made envelope in contrasting colours for the jag, mop and brush and also small envelopes for spare parts like strikers and spare foresights. We have now faithfully reproduced some old examples I had in a very high quality goat skin bookbinding leather which we have lined. We have three colours as shown and have made 2 sizes. These will be available now from our webshop and if other sizes are needed by order. We have them branded or not branded so they can go with ‘other’ guns also!

The devil’s in the details!

Small Jag Pouches-1139

A Matched set of 12g & 28g Westley Richards Droplock Game Guns.

Westley Richards, droplock set of 28g and 12g shotguns

This is a very useful set of guns we made a few years ago, it comprises a single 12g and a 28g which between them will cover most of the wingshooting in America. The guns have consecutive serial numbers and match like a pair in every respect except the bore size. The guns have 28 inch barrels and 14 3/4″ length of pull. Cased as seen below in a Westley Richards pattern oak and leather case.

These guns are available for sale on our used gun site. Westley Richards 12g. & 28g.

Westley Richards, droplock set of 28g and 12g shotguns

TEAGUE Precision Chokes at the Clay Shooting Classic 2015.

Teague Precision Chokes at Clay Classic

The Windrush Shooting ground was host to the 2015 Clay Shooting Classic last weekend where I stopped by to see the new TEAGUE ‘pop up’ shop that we are sending to events around the country. Ivan Reid was on hand to discuss and demonstrate the various choke systems made by Teague assisted at this event by engineer Rory Morgan who helped to advise what can and what cannot be achieved by our barrel and choke work. The presence of the ‘Teague team’ was very well received and we are very grateful to all those who passed by to say hello and look at our products.

Teague Precision Chokes at Clay Classic Henry Collins who shoots the Junior class and is sponsored by TEAGUE with Ivan Reid.

Teague Precision Chokes at Clay Classic Rory Morgan in the Teague pop up.

Ivan Reid of Teague ChokesIvan Reid manager of Teague Precision Chokes who shot 117 out of 150 and told me “it was very windy”!

Shooters at the Windrush Shooting Ground Clay Classic.