.500 3″ Droplock Double Rifle Fresh Back From Engraving

Fresh back from engraving is this super .500 droplock double rifle with bold scroll engraving, gold naming and a game scene of a hunter being charged by a bull elephant.

The game scene is an interesting and not unusual concept which always poses the question ‘What happened next?’ For anyone who has ever been in such a situation there is nothing more exciting! A large bull elephant with ears spread wide, kicking up dust is a truly intimidating sight, one that makes even the largest of double rifles seem small in the hands of the hunter.

More often than not the tension is relieved by the mutual backing off of both parties, each content to go their separate way. Then again, should it all go wrong…………………..!!!!!

6 thoughts on “.500 3″ Droplock Double Rifle Fresh Back From Engraving

  1. Hi Trigger

    Glorious day, Glorious double rifle, metal to metal fit well it’s difficult to see the joints, superbly executed workmanship!
    Can’t wait to see the finished gun.

    Best regards


  2. Now THAT is a beautiful example of the engraver’s art, and a wonderful game scene.

    I have been charged quite a number of times – several by elephants, and a couple of very determined buffalo. So it is a most appropriate and wonderful image for the bottom of my rifle.

    Best regards to you Trigger! Thanks for such a great rifle in progress, and please thank the engraver.


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