A HARTMANN & WEISS 20g Over and Under Engraved by Alan Brown.

Hartmann & Weiss 20g Over Under

Two things you would have to wait a very long time for, a Hartmann & Weiss over and under shotgun based on the famous Boss design and engraving by the renowned Alan Brown. Together they are the perfect match and here you see the result. In this case a client had given up the wait after many years so a lucky person was able to jump at the opportunity and take up the contract at the last minute, getting the gun in 2 years not 12!

Hartmann & Weiss 20g Over Under

Hartmann & Weiss 20g Over Under 3

Hartmann & Weiss 20g Over Under 2

Hartmann & Weiss 20g Over Under

6 thoughts on “A HARTMANN & WEISS 20g Over and Under Engraved by Alan Brown.

  1. Thank you Yuri for your comments. I will approve considered comments but not ill considered and biased ones.


  2. the best gunmakers in the world today is hartmann and weiss of Hamburg
    you never find a better guns than this.

  3. in 1993 i was in Hamburg to visit my businesspartner so he invited me to visit hartmann and weiss gunshop,and boy for me it was like mecca of guns
    there i saw the most beautiful rifles and guns,i have seen guns since i was 8 years old in South africa but not one like those i saw in hartmann and weiss gunshop,soo i ordered 2 rifles and 3 shotguns and after years and years of hard use and abuse they are working as they were New,i have never seen more Perfect guns in my life.

    • Please send in a photograph of your used guns as people rarely get to see used Hartmann’s. I am at a house now which has about 20 and all are unfired, I have 15 at my factory and all of those are unfired too!


  4. hartmann and weiss guns and rifles are the finest guns ever made in history of mankind,they are the most beautiful functional and accurate guns ever made.

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