A Matched Pair of Westley Richards 7 x 57R Droplock Double Rifles.

Westley Richards, Droplock Rifle, Pair double rifles

Some years ago at IWA in Nuremberg, my daughter Karena took her first order for a double rifle at Westley Richards, actually her first order was for a pair of rifles. She was ecstatic, I was mortified! The order was from a gentleman that I had had a long relationship with and decided I wouldn’t put business ‘in amongst’ the pleasure of the friendship. On many occasions I had declined the offer of his orders.

That day in Nuremberg he certainly came up with a tactic to get some rifles from us, when I declared ‘foul play’ he just shrugged and said ‘she took the check and shook my hand’ and for those of you who have done business with us, you will know the handshake is all we need.

So, some years and a few specification changes later, here are the rifles!

8 thoughts on “A Matched Pair of Westley Richards 7 x 57R Droplock Double Rifles.

  1. I sure hope the cheque was a big one!
    The rifles it must be said simply look terrific.Karena I trust has now a more suitable vocation!

  2. Is it a sin to covet another man’s rifles, because if it is I have sinned (not for the first time)? All I can say is that when I win the Euromillions, I hope you will take my order.

    Love the blog, please keep posting the words and pictures.

    • Thank you for your support and we will be more than happy to help you spend your Euromillions, just remember you got to be init to winit!

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