A New Westley Richards .505 Take Down Rifle.

Westley Richards .505 Take Down.

We completed this .505 take down this week which is heading down to a client in South Africa. This rifle is specified for big game hunting with a ‘no frills’ approach. Strong straight grained figured wood with blacked parts with makers name only engraved. All the very best functional features of a Westley Richards, no decoration!

As I think I have said before, it is always a pleasure to build these’ working style PH rifles’ as we know they are going to see action plenty of times in their life!

8 thoughts on “A New Westley Richards .505 Take Down Rifle.

  1. Dear Simon

    Congratulations to another really beautiful rifle. Like you said sometimes less is more and with the unequalled lines on Westley guns it just doesn’t get any better. I must ask you -the cartridge belt is it a one off or is it something that you produce regularly, it would be perfect for me as I only would have to fill it one time and then hunt happily for years to come.

    Best regards

    • It is a belt I had made for myself for a hunt one year. It is not something that we normally make in this style but we can of course do so if you would like one!

        • Thanks Peter I have emailed with the options to consider, qty of ammo, One size loop or for two different rounds. Whatever works best for you!

  2. Beautiful rifle with a lovely piece of wood. Working rifles with little embellishment have a very special appeal of their own and this one is very appealing, in a great caliber too.

    Matt Schmidt.

  3. Simon,a few years back you and the guys built me a lovely take-down in .375.
    Ease of transportation and simplicity were my motivating factors.Did this particular client articulate his reasons?Mere curiosity on my part.

    • I think that the common reason now for this order is the transport. It is just so much easier to move around and also much less chance of a broken stock. Also I feel the old ingrained fear that these rifles were inaccurate as the barrel comes off have been proven wrong. Whilst you would not use for a 1000yd sniper shot they are perfect for hunting ranges that most people are comfortable to shoot at.

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