A New Westley Richards Farquharson Take Down Action 450/400 3″ Single Shot Rifle.

450-400 3" Westley Richards Farquharson  rifle.

Part of our problem at Westley Richards is we are never quite able to say NO when an interesting project is offered, the Rafiki 700/500 and the pair of 4g guns immediately spring to mind. So when we were asked by a long standing client Dallas Safari Club convention some years ago to build a new falling block rifle, we said YES!

Three years on we have finally completed the work and the first Take Down Farquharson rifle we as a company have built in many years is ready for delivery. I am not sure exactly how many years since our last, but I don’t think I would be far out if I said 100 years.

Projects like this are very good for a gunmaker, perhaps not financially but certainly it is an opportunity to show the diversity of skills and the ability to build guns and rifles ‘off price list’ or non standard guns, bespoke gunmaking just as it should be. It is always good to show something new and unusual and I do know enthusiasts love these classic single shot rifles.

After sending the first photos of the rifle to the client last night, I anxiously awaited his first reaction and was relieved this morning to get his response.

“It looks magnificent and thanks to everyone involved for sticking with it when I am sure you would rather have given up on it. That’s the problem with WR your word is your bond and you keep your word!”

450-400 3" Westley Richards Farquharson  rifle

450-400 3" Westley Richards Farquharson  rifle

450-400 3" Westley Richards Farquharson rifle


18 thoughts on “A New Westley Richards Farquharson Take Down Action 450/400 3″ Single Shot Rifle.

  1. What a wonderful piece of Engineering and Art. Well done to all involved.

    I’m in the fortunate position of knowing your illustrious client and have travelled this wonderful journey with him albeit watching from the wings, and if I behave might even get to shoot it (hopefully).

    When will this model become a stock item!


  2. This is a lovely thing Simon. I normally associate single shot rifles with the very niche Austrian gunmakers, and to see one being built in this country is very refreshing.

  3. If anyone says bespoke guns aren’t made like they used to be, I would say that might be so except at WR. If anything, yours are better than in the past and the best being currently made in England. The Farquharson as well as the matching takedown bolt action rifles rival anything made anywere. The case made for those is phenomenal. Likewise, the detachable lock shotguns are still probably the best designed and made today.

  4. What a peach. Frederick Courtney Selous would have coveted this rifle.

    It will be interesting to see a detailed photo of open action, from above. Thank you very much for sharing.

  5. Did you borrow anything internally from the Westley 1897?
    There are improvements which could be made on the original Farquharson design.
    A sprung striker on the bore axis perhaps?

  6. The gun is truly wonderful. As a very amateur stockmaker myself I know just enough to nitpit other peoples guns. Nothing to nitpik here and nothing to change…

    This rifle is a true work of art.

  7. What outstanding craftsmanship a truly exquisite piece of art.
    Simon I’m pretty sure it will be visiting the dark continent soon, to do what it has been built for and not locked away as an investment

  8. Beautifully crafted piece. Were there any major alterations in the design or is it a “true” Farquharson?? I bet Ken was pleased to seeing this being built, I know he was always keen for a client to surface with this project in mind!!! Any plans for a big one….? .600NE….!!!!

  9. I have now taken receipt of the gun but not yet fired it.The pictures do not really do justice to the excellence of this rifle.I have visited a lot of gunshots and gunshops and quite simply do not recall seeing anything as beautiful as this.The finish reminds me of something out of Ferlach!I look forward to shooting it and with the help of God and my bank manager I will take it to Africa and use it as intended.

  10. This is truly an excellent action, and looks to be every bit as practical as the original Farquharson of which I own several, there is always room for more though, is this a new made action, or a re built old one? I have also made new actions of this type and know how much hand work goes into them, well done WR for bringing the Farquharson back to the fore, all you need to do now is make a new 1997 WR action!

  11. Simon, I can’t stop coming back and looking at this rifle. The stock work is particularly nice especially around the action. Many falling block riffles have have to much curved wood around the action, but yours is very subtle, it looks perfect.

    Do you have any other photos from different angles ?

    Matt Schmidt.

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