A New Westley Richards ‘Rose & Scroll’ Engraved Magazine Rifle

Every now and then a maker needs to deviate a little from the norm and so it is with this .404 Jeffery calibre take down bolt action rifle that we had the opportunity to lay down our own interpretation of best ‘rose & scroll’ engraving.

Fine ‘rose & scroll’, or ‘bouquet & scroll’ as it is also known, is a pattern of engraving that can trace its ancestry back to the mid 1800’s. Developed in the London gunmaking houses, it still features on best guns and rifles there, Boss & Co. being the most notable.

Even today, vintage guns engraved meticulously by hand set the standard by which modern guns and rifles are judged. Subtle nuances in the execution and layout were the difference between ‘best’ and ‘also ran’. Names such as Harry Kell and Jack Sumner were famous for their exceptional standards and today pre-war guns engraved by these masters still hold a premium.

With all this in mind we decided it was time to take one of our own rifles and execute under the careful hand and skilled eye of Brad Tallett, our take on this classic pattern. The results are unquestionably elegant with wonderful pockets of detail utilising all the design attributes you might expect on a double gun. The cut of the engraving is absolutely vital as it needs to catch the light just right, hence traditional hand engraving is a must.

In preparation now for final finish we cannot wait to see how the case colour hardening, black, and light blue, highlight the engraving on the various surfaces of the rifle.

The classic Westley Richards combination foresight is wonderfully detailed.

Pockets of fine scroll interspersed with elegant rose bouquets and geometric patterns adorn the surfaces of the rifle.

An elephants rear foot print is carved into the grip trap door.

All lettering and numbering is executed in platinum. 

11 thoughts on “A New Westley Richards ‘Rose & Scroll’ Engraved Magazine Rifle

  1. Trigger,

    Very nice indeed!!!!
    Mr. Tallett I want to say that you Rose and Scroll is second to none. Looking at the Rose on the front sight and the work on the front Bridge it is Beautiful.

    This is not the first of your work I have seen on the Explora, you are indeed Worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Mr. Sumner and Mr. Kell. Keep em coming Trigger!!!!! HAHA Thanks!!!

    In Christ

    • Many thanks indeed Vance! Brad is a super talent and we have some epic collaborations coming up in the next few years. We are always up for a good challenge!

      Best regards


  2. Hi Trigger

    Coming from a country where engraving is not a top priority,as you said -your the neutral guys -I must admit that engraving is something that I appreciate more and more on bolt-guns.
    Being an absolutely over the top engraving just looking at the pictures, I think this is something that is going to grow on you as you see it in real life ,and the fact that you choose the best canvas available, a bolt-action whith the handle on the “right” side just makes it even better.

    .404 Jeffrey is a cartridge that I believes is going to be more common in the future,because being a caliber nerd you soon realise that having a cartridge with more knock-down power than a .375 and about the same kind of recoil level you just can’t go wrong with this old classic.

    So combining the two masterpieces leaves us with a,you guessed it a true masterpiece.

    Best regards

    • Peter, in response to your second paragraph, I concur completely on the .404. In the summer of 2018, I shot a cape buffalo in the chest with my .404 at 90 yards. He immediately went down, then got up and ran 30 yards, then rolled over dead. No follow-up shot needed. Among the Africa hunting crowd that I associate with, for about the last 3-4 years, this has been the caliber rifle that most have searched for!

      • Hi David

        It is without doubt a great calibre and has a reputation for both accuracy and relatively mild recoil. This one is destined for a big hunt next year and so we are looking forward to the feedback!

        All the best


    • Hi Peter

      Thank you for you honest observations. ‘The devil is in the detail’ and this rifle certainly has plenty of that!

      Looking forward to showing the finished rifle off to everyone.

      All the best


  3. Trigger

    It’s just superb sublime everything we can see will take on another perspective once case colour hardened, blacked, highlighted blues, put together with what we have come to expect, the very best top class timber, l think we will all, including yourself, be surprised just how wonderful this particular rifle will show itself to be once complete.
    Love the Elephants foot on the grip cap, Brad Tallett is certainly a force to be reckoned with, so extremely talented.
    Can’t wait to view the culmination of your staffs obvious talents when next presented in a follow up post on completion!

    Best regards


    • Hi Peter

      Many thanks indeed for your kind words. Wait until you see the wood! The whole rifle is going to look super whilst remaining elegant and totally practical.

      All the best


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