A New Westley Richards Take Down Sporting Rifle in 9.3 x 62.

Westley Richards 9.3 x 62

Another of our increasingly popular Take Down rifles was completed this past week. This deluxe grade sporting rifle, with stunning wood, was  built for use primarily in Europe in the ever popular 9.3 x 62 calibre. The rifle is cased in one of our oak case frames covered in elephant hide, lined with red bookbinding goatskin and fitted with horn handled tooling. The rifle is engraved by Frederique Lepinois.

Cased Westley Richards 9.3 x 62

Westley Richards 9.3 x 62 in Case

Westley Richards Take Down Rifle

Westley Richards Take Down Rifle

7 thoughts on “A New Westley Richards Take Down Sporting Rifle in 9.3 x 62.

  1. Good Evening Simon,

    I have seen Ms.Lepinois’s work more than once on your Blog Simon….always spectacular!!!! My hats off to this young lady, as everything you have ever shown of her work is first class. Ms. Lepinois your Gold work is wonderful!!! What a great gun Simon, another happy hunter no doubt…. Great Tools!!!!

    In Christ

  2. Absolutely stunning, it simply doesn’t get any better. Chambered for arguably one of the best cartridges ever, very popular here in Australia. The engraving is superb as is the case. Magnificent.

    Matt Schmidt.

  3. This gun is astonising.
    Congratulations to Frederique for such accomplished work, in my humble appinion this is as good as it gets, I especially like the workmanship that has gone into the case and accompanying tools well done to all who have contributed to this stunning piece of art.
    Oh how I’d love one.

  4. Really a masterpiece with classic beauty perfect in every single detail. From the best gun maker engraved from. F. L. one of the best engraver with unique aesthetic qualities. From the begging her works was surprising very good, now with the W. R. collaboration I believe became legendary.
    Mr. S. C. my congratulations to you all and best wishes for many successful collaborations with Ms. F. L.
    C. A.

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