A Pair of Westley Richards Percussion Pistols.

Percussion Westley Richards Pistol Pair

Percussion Westley Richards Pistol Pair

My knowledge of Antique guns is fairly limited, I joined Westley Richards after the period where antique guns made up a large part of our trade. As a result, I am unable to go into a comprehensive description of this pair of pistols especially with the factory closed and ‘all help on holiday’.

I was kindly lent these before the holiday by a customer who showed them to me. Normally, when I see something unusual of our make I will either borrow or buy it so I can take a few photographs, in this instance borrow was the only option! I don’t think these are anything truly remarkable but they do have beautifully carved forepart which I enjoyed seeing and hope you do also.

The pistols are lying on 17th Century ¬†Indian chain mail armour shirts, the original ‘body armour’ needed in a duel!

3 thoughts on “A Pair of Westley Richards Percussion Pistols.

  1. Very nice pair. Antiques have always been a weak point for me… It appears that one was used considerably more than the other… They look a bit too large to be dueling guns!

  2. Really splendid. The size does not counter-indicate duelling pistols, so much as the elaborate decoration. I believe that pistols meant for duelling were typically quite austere (albeit of the best quality). Also, though percussion duelling pistols are not unknown – I think I am correct in saying that the majority were made in the flintlock era.

  3. Beautiful. Makes me think of that great fictional antiques dealer/detective Lovejoy and the first novel in the series “The Judas Pair” (written by Jonathan Gash) in which he tracks down a pair of dueling pistols made by the legendary Durs Egg.

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