A Singular Piece Of Engraving Skill

WR - Grip Cap Bee Engraving (2 of 2)

As many of you have seen over the years we have been very privileged here at Westley Richards to post images of some truly stunning workmanship created dually by our gunmaking and engraving team.

Yesterday Vince Crowley returned with a magnificent .600 sidelock double rifle that he has just finished engraving for us.  From a pure engraving perspective the rifle is a real showcase of the diverse skills that he has developed and as always there are lots of beautiful touches.  As such one piece in particular really stood out and that was the grip trap cap.

WR .410 Hummingbird gunThe ‘Hummingbird’ Gun engraved by Rashid El Hadi

Vince was mentored many years ago by Rashid El Hadi who engraved the fabulous Hummingbird Gun.  Rashid still rates as one of the finest, most talented engravers we have ever met and his imagination and creativity were exceptional.  He inspired and influenced Vince greatly and I think that this singular piece showcases just that.

More images will follow in the coming weeks but as a taster this seems a fitting introduction!

WR - Grip Cap Bee Engraving (1 of 2)


5 thoughts on “A Singular Piece Of Engraving Skill

  1. Good Day Trigger,

    Very well done on the grip cap, but that honey bee had better hold on, shooting that .600 might blow him clean off!!!!!! Thanks for the interesting Blog Trigger…well done. Please tell all of the Westley Richards team to have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    In Christ

    • Dear Ken

      Many thanks for your comment. The theme of the rifle is historical African hunting scenes. In fairness that sounds quite basic, but there is a whole mixture of elaborate game scenes, carving, raised gold, flush gold etc. The African Bee design on the grip trap is purely an interesting decorative subject. A moment of design inspiration from the engraver!

      Best regards


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