A Traditional Westley Richards .500 Double Rifle

WR .500 Double Rifle 1

Last week saw another of our signature ‘droplock’ double rifles finished from engraving.  In this case we have a classic .500 3″ nitro express with our traditional full scroll coverage, gold naming and an elegant gold border around the breach ends with scroll pyramids extending forward.  This particular rifle has an extended tang or ‘strap over comb’ which can often be a nice touch.  This rifle is going for full case colour hardening of all parts, which should make for a very nice looking version of a traditional format rifle.

WR .500 Double Rifle 2 WR .500 Double Rifle 3

6 thoughts on “A Traditional Westley Richards .500 Double Rifle

  1. Good Day Trigger,

    A great gun indeed, I like the engraving it appears to have a uniqueness to it. I am sure that all of the guns engraved at Westley Richards has there own slight differences, this one might just appeal to me personally. The Gold Name is a must for me… Great Gun!!!

    What might be my favorite about this Double is the Caliber that it’s built in. The .470 while being a great round is built by many, but the .500 sets apart the boys and the men. A great choice in my opinion for this lucky owner.

    In Christ

  2. Hi Trigger.

    Fantastic engraving, I sure hope that you will bring us more photos when the rifle is ready for delivery.

    Best regards

  3. Dear Trigger

    Another outstanding rifle from the Westley workshop, superb traditional engraving, ‘sometimes less is more’, subtle gold band and name, when case coloured the contrast along with top quality timber will certainly be well worth waiting for. The customer should be extreemely pleased with the results.

    Regards. Peter.

  4. I am really pleased to see that you are still producing rifles with what I consider to be English engraving, as opposed to the heavy bling type engraving, it would be a pleasure to see this when it comes back from the St Ledgers, the perfect double !

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