A Very Nice Sidelock and a Very Nice Boxlock. 2 Used Game Guns at Westley Richards.

Phillipson 12gauge-22553

The lesser known makers always represent great value, especially when built in a good period and in great condition. This Phillipson & Nephew 12g Sidelock is one such gun. Phillipson & Nephew have been supplying actions to English gun trade for over 100 years and continue to this day supplying Boss & Co., McKay Brown, Greener and William & Son to name but a few. Although primarily gun action machinists they also produced a very small quantity of finished guns, supposedly for good clients or people they knew.

This is a very nicely made sidelock game gun, attractively priced, attractively engraved and retaining much of the original colour. With its 30″ barrels and very attractive stock it makes a lot of sense if you are considering a new gun, over the rebranded continental guns supplied by many English makers now.

Phillipson 12gauge-22556

Phillipson 12gauge-22559

Phillipson 12gauge-22570

W. Powell 12g Boxlock-22583

A William Powell 12g Boxlock made in 1977 when Powell still had gunmakers on their premises, again very nicely engraved and retaining most of the original case colour this 28″ barrel game gun is offered at a very attractive price and will be on our used gun site next week.

W. Powell 12g Boxlock-22580

W. Powell 12g Boxlock-22574

2 thoughts on “A Very Nice Sidelock and a Very Nice Boxlock. 2 Used Game Guns at Westley Richards.

  1. So was the sidelock gun fully produced in-house at P&N? Or did they send it around to experts for the different work types (ie stocking)?

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