A well deserved .318 for Danny McCallum.

Danny McCallum with his .318 Westley Richards

Danny McCallum with his .318 Westley Richards

It was Danny McCallum’s turn to come and visit our operation today, it was pleasure to welcome him to the factory, show him our gunmaking, have some lunch and talk some  stories.

Whilst on safari these past few years, Danny has always been talking whilst we were seated by the camp fire about how much he would like a classic .318 rifle, one he describes as “a superb calibre” and used by so many PH’s over the years. So after we had cleared away the lunch and Danny was outside for a smoke, we laid on the table a classic .318 bolt action, a gift for him from a most gracious and generous client. He was of course both surprised, overwhelmed and delighted!

Danny then, after a little advice from Trigger, decided that he would in future focus on talking about how much he would like a Westley Richards .577 single trigger droplock double rifle during camp fire discussions!

As Trigger is one of the next to be on Safari with him, I will be closely watching my inventory!

4 thoughts on “A well deserved .318 for Danny McCallum.

  1. I bet Danny was chuffed as anyone would be!
    Any information on the gun itself such as a famous previous owner?Barrels on the .318 tended to be excessively long but this one looks okay.Can you add anything Simon?

    • I think he was. Not much to add really, it was not in the records as being owned before by anyone special, it was just a good solid old 318 which we had put through the workshop and fitted a new barrel to as we didn’t want him to have any excuses regarding accuracy! As you know quite a few of the older .318’s have shot out barrels so we do fit quite a few with new ones.

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