A Westley Richards 20g Hand Detachable Lock Game Gun.

20g Droplock-21852

Leaving the factory this week is this very nice 20g hand Detachable Lock gun which is fitted with a spare pair of interchangeable locks. I like very much the hare on the gold oval which is beautifully executed and just goes to show that you don’t have to have initials or a crest in this position! Something personal and meaningful to yourself is well worth considering.

The other personal detail on this gun is the Morel mushroom which sits as a centre piece for the scroll on the cover plate.

Cased in a rolled edge Westley Richards pattern lightweight case with an outer canvas and leather cover.

20g Droplock-21856-Edit

Coverplate 20g Droplock-10410

20g Droplock-21805

20g Droplock-21871

6 thoughts on “A Westley Richards 20g Hand Detachable Lock Game Gun.

  1. Dear Mr Clode
    Nice to see you back. As always the guns you post here is more beautiful than I’ve ever could have dreamed of . Although I’m more of a rifle enthusiast ,the shotguns you post here is so pretty that I don’t really know what would even come close .
    Please keep up the good work and don’t let us wait to long between the post, because this is the only place we, the gun and rifle nuts can see what we love and keep us from going insane. I can’t thank you enough for starting this blog.
    Very best regards

  2. Good Day Simon,

    Another wonderful shotgun Sir, what a group of craftsman you have put together to produce these great guns…. Congrats to the entire team. I would like to tell the new owner that they have checked every box that I would like to have checked if the gun were mine. I think that a spare of locks are a must, perhaps never needed, nothing says Westley Richards more than case with a spare set of locks. They are simple elegance in my humble opinion. Is that horn butt plate under those heel and toe plates??? Lastly I would have never thought of putting anything other than initials on the ceramic oval….Great Idea!!! The rabbit is beautifully done, great work.

    Thank you Simon for sharing these wonderful guns and your knowledge with us. I know at times it can be difficult finding time.

    In Christ

  3. Absolutely superb. Side by side guns do not come any better than that, the engraving is magnificent.

    By the way, the engraving on the gold oval is actually a hare and it is copy of the famous 1502 watercolour by Albrecht Duerer titled “Wild Hare” (“Feldhase” in German)

    Regards, Matt

  4. The Hare on the oval is exquisite, what a unique touch. After Roe, Hare are my favourite UK mammal, we’ve a lot on our shot and they are left alone, at least by the guns. Sadly we do get illegal coursing from time to time.

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