4 thoughts on “A Westley Richards .470 Droplock Double Rifle.

  1. A very useable rifle, even for a wimp like me. The engraving is very tasteful and appropriate for the rifle.

  2. Good Day Sir,

    I think very highly of the new rebated frames on your Double Rifles, they take these great guns to a whole new level in my opinion. Is it such a difficult process Sir? You have been putting them on your Shotguns for quite some time now. But they are just starting to appear on your Double Rifles? It really changes the whole look of the guns.
    Thank you in advance for the response.

    In Christ

    • It is not a complex thing to put the scroll on the action body, it obviously requires some time and a little more time in the stocking stage. I don’t think that it was ever a matter of cost but rather the distinguishing look perhaps. I am actually not sure. I do know that we did make rifles in the past with the scroll back but relatively ‘very few’. The first one I saw I bought off George Caswell years ago at Safari Club. I paid probably 50% more for the rifle, it was a .476 and is in our book, I remember telling George he was robbing me! (in vain, I add!) He knew he had something special.
      When I photographed the rifle for the book I took the measurements of the rifle and detailed shots and we then proceeded to make the Bicentennial rifles with this feature. I agree it looks great!

  3. Beautiful say no more!
    My Dad had an early model 600 double barrel express.
    If you didn’t hold it properly it could break or dislocate your Shoulder.
    Bob Stephen

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