A Westley Richards .600 NE Droplock just after Stocking.

Westley Richards, Droplock, .600NE,

Westley Richards, Droplock, .600NE,

Here at the factory we get to see the double rifles in this unmolested form on a regular basis, ‘unadulterated gunmaking’ it could be called, the last moment before the engravers, backers and hardeners get their hands on them! I think it very important that the rifles and guns look very good at this stage of production, and here is an example that certainly does

This particular rifle is destined for an extensive engraving job which will explain the thick steel butt plate and large pistol grip cap which will be carved in relief.

2 thoughts on “A Westley Richards .600 NE Droplock just after Stocking.

  1. I would have setteled for some discrete scroll engraving and colour case hardening, a .600 NE has a lot of presence as is….but I guess it all boils down to ones personal taste..

    If I was the owner i would regulate it for the .900-110 load and shoot some bull elephant with it, please dont let it be merely a gunsafe queen…it deserves to be used..!

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