An Evening with Paul Lantuch & Vince Crowley.

Vince Crowley & Paul Lantuch Vince Crowley and Paul Lantuch in conversation about all things engraving.

It is always a privilege to bring together 2 very talented people in the same occupation together, today was such a day here at the Westley Richards factory. Paul Lantuch is over from USA to complete the finishing work and patination on the Africa Rifle as well as discuss and design of the next projects that follow. Vince Crowley kindly came in to Lacquer the rife for Paul after his work and also show us the .600 sidelock rifle he has now been working on for over a year himself.

So in the factory we had two similar size and style Westley Richards .600 sidelock rifles, two distinctly different styles of engraving, two exceptional projects and two extremely modest engravers who quietly demonstrated a huge amount of mutual admiration of each others work, both of which I can only say is truly exceptional in every respect. You have seen the Africa Rifle and Vince’s rifle will come before you in a few more months, no taster here yet! Paul was saying to me quietly, Wow, fantastic, amazing, I wish… when a man of his talent is so generous with his praise of another you can expect to see some exceptional work. In return Vince was also in awe of the work done by Paul, certainly the pace at which he executes his work so precisely and the variety of techniques used creating coloured inlay metals and other age old techniques, all generously and openly shared.

We finished the day with Trigger and I hosting long conversation and a barbecue upstairs, I did all the cooking and washing up and Trigger served the drinks, did most the eating and held court with the talking!

It gives me great pleasure to put a face to these talented engravers names for you!

Paul Lantuch Engraver Paul Lantuch.

Vince CrowleyVince Crowley.

6 thoughts on “An Evening with Paul Lantuch & Vince Crowley.

  1. Thank you Simon,

    Gentlemen It is a great pleasure to get to see the faces of men that do the best work being done today in English Best Guns. I have marveled at the work being produced by you guys, always thinking this is the best I have ever seen. Then Simon shows another work of Art. My hats off!!! I can only hope to have half as good as either of you scratch the metal of a gun that I can call my own….This Bud is for you!!!!

    In Christ

  2. Nice to have a face to go with a name – Vince is the engraver on my favorite WR sidelock and his work is extraordinary!

  3. I must say I really admire Trigger.He always has his priorities right,food and drink!
    Seriously though we can only hope that the talent of these two men can be passed on to the next generation.To see this skill set dis-appear would be unpardonable.

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