A Small Westley Richards Find

Every now and then one of those nice little finds gets passed our way here at Westley Richards. And so it is that this 10 round .22 rimfire stock magazine came our way recently and has been added to the archive here at the factory.

Discovered in the back of an old shop as literally ‘dead stock’ it must have been there from before the First World War and once again highlights that you never know what might be lurking, tucked away in some dark corner. One day I hope to find that elusive Westley Richards howdah pistol, complete with case and accessories in pristine unfired condition…………..

One thought on “A Small Westley Richards Find

  1. Trigger

    Great little piece of Westley history, isn’t it tremendous when such a small item hidden for generations comes to light and finds its rightful place back home where it belongs, maybe just as difficult to find as the howdah pistol. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.
    Love these little gems.

    Best regards


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