Cartridge Boards – The Perfect Decoration for a Gun Room.

Cartridge Board

Those of you who have visited our factory will have noticed we have half a dozen or so vintage cartridge boards as part of the decoration. Originally these boards were given out by the cartridge companies as a sort of ‘salesman’ tool. They were designed to show the variety of cartridges that the maker produced. All the vintage boards were beautifully made with excellent typography and decoration. They do make a superb addition to a gun room’s walls adding interest and a bit of colour.

Over the years I have come across some magnificent boards and they are always something I like to get my hands on if and when I can. This small collection of both old and ¬†more modern boards has just arrived with us in USA and will be available on our website soon. The Holland & Holland board was made in I think the early 90’s as a limited run and the Manton board is also a modern reproduction but very well executed, again I believe this was made about 20 years ago. The UMC and Eley boards are excellent examples and both in fine condition.

I must know of about 20 or so different types of these boards and perhaps I can add photographing these to the list of my ‘to do’ projects as otherwise they never get seen or appreciated once in someones private study where they all end up!





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