Westley Richards Agency USA

It’s fair to say that we in the U.S. have a long-held and deep appreciation of the best English gun makers. This explains why their order books are so often filled with the names of American clients. Underlining the point, Westley Richards has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success here and, over the years, gained a loyal, enthusiastic following. As Westley Richards enters its third decade of serving our clients through a dedicated Agency – and after more than two hundred years in business – the firm now stands as the only English gun maker with a flagship store here in the United States. Indeed, at a time when it seems other companies are scaling back their presence in America, Westley Richards is, we are happy to say, growing and expanding.

This fall we opened a newly renovated and fully stocked Agency in a brand-new location in the town of Gulf Breeze – just across the bay from the beautiful city of Pensacola in Florida’s Northwest Panhandle. One of the main reasons for relocating was to make it a lot easier for many of our customers to reach us.

We are now just a day’s drive from Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham and Atlanta – and only one flight away from eleven different international U.S. Airports. Add the wonderful weather, crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, friendly people and sheer positive energy of the place and you can see why moving here was such an easy decision!

The new Agency itself is housed in an old warehouse space that has been tastefully repurposed to our design. While it is impossible to replicate the history, grandeur and ambience of our factory in England, the new showroom has all of the hallmarks that make it still recognizably Westley Richards – an inviting and relaxing atmosphere where you will find a level of service you would expect from one of the world’s most prestigious names in gun making. We also stock the same carefully assembled range of leather goods, shooting accessories and apparel offered in our English showroom and factory. The perfect environment for customers to see, touch and feel the quality for which Westley Richards is famed.

I am proud to say the Westley Richards’ promise, to make “as good a gun as can be made”, is matched by our commitment to ensuring a great all-round customer experience. In today’s world, where most things can be bought online with the click of a button, we believe a ‘bricks and mortar’ store allows us to deliver a truly personal service where customers are given all the time, care and attention they need. With a U.S. Agency run by an expert team that holds to the same exacting standards as those of Westley Richards in England, we look forward to welcoming you to Gulf Breeze and sharing with you our pursuit of excellence.

New Westley Richards Website Launch


You may have found us a bit quieter than usual of late. Well, that is because we have been hard at work on an exciting new project. After considerable time and effort, we at Westley Richards are proud to announce the launch of our brand new website.

Featuring the finest imagery and design, and industry-leading technology, it showcases the world of Westley Richards like never before. Designed and developed especially for those with a passion for fine guns, hunting, bespoke leather goods and the very best shooting clothing and products, the new site is a reflection of what we do here at Westley Richards in our relentless pursuit of perfection. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to welcoming you all into our world.

Click here to visit the new homepage.

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. Photography ByBrett.

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (1 of 33)

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (28 of 33)

One of the photo projects I discussed with Brett, many months ago now, when he was teaching me to use the Leica M system and had asked me to suggest locations I would enjoy photographing, was a visit to this workshop owned by Haydn Hill in Birmingham. It was a project we never managed to fulfil together. This is a workshop that is ‘totally normal’ to Haydn himself and totally historic to all of us involved in gunmaking, it is a museum.

So it was actually with great reluctance that I commissioned Brett last week to go and do the job for me, an excellent decision I feel as the resulting images are worthy of the location rather than it having been a students playground.

To add the story to these images I am sincerely grateful to both Vic Venters and Ralph Stuart of Shooting Sportsman Magazine for allowing me to publish Vic’s article which appeared in the magazine which you will find in the preceding post.

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (8 of 33)

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (4 of 33)

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (5 of 33)

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (26 of 33)

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (13 of 33)

Jesse Hill Gumakers. The Explora (7 of 8)

Jesse Hill Gumakers. The Explora (5 of 8)

Jesse Hill Gumakers. The Explora (3 of 8)

Jesse Hill Gumakers. The Explora (2 of 8)

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (23 of 33)

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (22 of 33)

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (21 of 33)

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (32 of 33)

Jesse Hill Gumakers. The Explora (8 of 8)

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (33 of 33)

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (31 of 33)

Jesse Hill Gunmakers. The Explora. (29 of 33)

About Brett, the photographer.

At the tender age of six, a plastic camera and darkroom kit started Brett’s lifelong passion for photography. After leaving school he got the break that put him on the path to a fulfilling career as a photographer, when he was offered an apprenticeship at the Birmingham Post, England. Brett graduated to open his own portrait studio and was awarded Kodak Photographer of the Year at the age of 25.

His love of art and architecture led him to further hone his craft in the field of commercial & industrial photography using large format cameras. His motivation to capture everyday scenes within a special day and to find the extra in the ordinary led him to tell the story of weddings with his camera of choice, the Leica M.

Brett went on to consult for Leica Camera coaching enthusiast and professional photographers at Leica Akademie, Mayfair and in workshops worldwide.

He also undertakes bespoke commissions and personal projects. His signature look is the synergy between street photography, documentary and lifestyle imagery.



Westley Richards & Co. – A Visit to the Factory by Photographer Simon Upton.

untitled (1 of 93)

I am sure that less than 10% of our readers will ever have the opportunity to actually visit our factory in Birmingham. Everyone has the opportunity but the distances, oceans and time factors make trips like this difficult.

Recently I was fortunate enough to have the factory photographed by one of the worlds leading interior photographers, Simon Upton a keen sportsman himself. Simon travels the world extensively shooting magnificent interiors for magazines. His client list is a who’s who of interior and decoration magazines amongst which are The World of Interiors, Vogue, House and Garden, Elle Decor, Harpers Bazaar, Architectural Digest and Vanity Fair.

We were joined for the shoot days by the man who is largely responsible for the overall look of the factory, Hubert Zandburg. I first met Hubert, a young South African interior designer in 2005, just prior to my embarking on the new factory project. Hubert like myself is a compulsive ‘collector hunter gatherer’, we cannot resist buying items of interest and allow them to take over our lives and he has a remarkable ability of displaying the collected items to be shown at their very best. Literally give him a pile of objects large and small and short hours later they will be displayed in a manner you would never have expected and to great effect.

My decision to work with Hubert on the factory came from an initial sketch he did for the lobby to display my Elephant head. He placed this on a black steel riveted stand and left it in isolation in the hallway, it excited me very much. It was a clean modern look and one I felt totally appropriate for the factory, from this clean space lobby you would enter a world of objects, colour and interest. What Hubert has created for Westley Richards is very special indeed and I remain totally indebted for his work, advise and the friendship that has resulted from our meeting all those years ago.

The result of this collaboration has received a huge amount praise, the ambiance and interest that the factory generates has been fantastic and I hope that as many of you as possible will be able, at one point in your travels, be able to visit in person. We look forward to welcoming you.

This series of photographs covers the entrance lobby, showroom and after the image of antlers on the back staircase ‘my space’ at the top of the building where I now have my office and photo studio. We did not shoot in the gun making area, another set of photographs I commissioned and taken by Brett covers this and I will be posting a selection from that shoot later on this month.

untitled (2 of 93)



untitled (9 of 93)


untitled (7 of 93)

untitled (15 of 93)

untitled (23 of 93)




untitled (24 of 93)







untitled (31 of 93)

untitled (30 of 93)





untitled (37 of 93)

untitled (42 of 93)

4 ‘Used’ Westley Richards Fort Knox Titan Model 7241 Safes. – For sale!

Westley Richards Fort Knox Safe.

We have available for collection or delivery from our Bozeman shop, 4 used Fort Knox safes which we no longer require. The safes are as illustrated above, they are clean and in general ‘very good condition’ but with some outside wear to the transfer decal decoration and leading edges of the door.

Fort Knox Titan Model 7241 with interior lighting. Externally, the safe measures 72.5″ H x 40.5″ W x 29.5″ D. We have Two left hand opening and Two right hand opening available. 40 Gun capacity each. (4 rows x 10 gun) Electric lighting and digital lock. The normal new cost of these safes is $6000 each, we are asking $2000 each ex Bozeman.

Please email me or call Kevin Kilday on +1 406 586 1946 if these are of interest.

Update. All these are now all sold, thank you all very much!

A Virtual Visit to Westley Richards. Guided by Emma Slater


I asked Emma to shoot photographs today of what you could expect to see if you visit the factory, a virtual tour by camera. I hope that those of you who are unable to visit the factory enjoy these and I hope that any of you considering coming to visit will be encouraged to do so by what you see here.





















































A Birds Eye View of Westley Richards.

Westley Richards Factory 4

Last week, as the sun was going down, a visitor to the factory quietly launched his drone and took some video of the factory. From his footage, he has kindly grabbed a few stills for me. For those who have never visited these give a nice perspective of the factory and its location in the city.

Westley Richards Factory 3

Westley Richards Factory 6

Westley Richaards Factory 8

Westley Richards Factory 2

Westley richards Factory 1

Westley Richards Factory 5

Westley Richards Factory 7

Westley Richards Factroy 9

Westley Richards Factory 10

Inside the building you will discover vaults full of guns to interest you.

Main Gunroom



My sincere thanks to Ryan Belanger for use of his shots.

The Princes of India. Finally on the Walls at Westley Richards.

A Grid of the Princes of India on the wall at Westley Richards.

It has taken a few years, convincing my Father to sell, getting them framed and then up on the wall, but finally I have hung a grid of the Princes of India on the wall here at the factory. I have always thought these portraits very appropriate for a gunmakers like ourselves, the Princes were after all the lifeblood of the English gun trade for many years, driving innovation due to their hunger for new calibre’s and types of rifles and guns.

I think many people who own a Princely rifle will gain pleasure from seeing what the original owner actually looked like and here, on the wall, they are shown in all their splendour, photographed at the time of the 1911 Durbar.

This wall was the very last empty wall space in the factory, every wall is now covered and my framing bills have finally come to an end!

A Grid of the Princes of India on the wall at Westley Richards.



Maharajah of Jodhpur, Westley Richards, The Explora


Lights for the Trophy Room Side Table.

Light Action Light

What do you get the man who has everything? The bases of these side table lights are the remains of the steel billet from which we take the action machining for our guns and rifles. Each lamp is different and may be a small one for a .410 gun or a large one for a .577 rifle. It seemed a shame to just throw these away and they make a interesting talking point as you sit and sip your scotch. If they admire the lamp perhaps you can show them what you had made with the middle part?!

These Unique lamps are hand made to order from £500.00 each.