David McKay Brown 28g Over Under guns.

McKay Brown, 28g, over and under, best guns

Besides the ammunition posted earlier I have also picked up whilst here in USA, these 2 very nice ‘unused’ David McKay Brown 28g over and under guns which are consecutive numbers and matching in dimensions but with different engravers and wood. The 2 guns which have 28 inch barrels, 15 inch LOP and weigh 6lbs 1oz., will be up on the used gun site shortly

2 thoughts on “David McKay Brown 28g Over Under guns.

  1. Dear Simon,

    i have seen this 2 things in many of your posts. one is this brass bottle kind of and another these pins with round heads with numbers written on it. what are these?

    • Yes, I need to get some new props for the photos! The brass item is an old oil dropper which is used for putting small amounts of oil in places. The round headed pegs are “place or position finders” a team of guns, normally 8 will blind draw a peg and his position in the line of guns will be revealed. The draw is done the morning of the shoot.

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