Deluxe Game Scene Westley Richards .577 Droplock Double Rifle

WR Rifle #20328-10853-Edit

It is interesting to see that we have now built over one hundred .577 double rifles and that the calibre continues to be a favourite of our clients. This particular rifle, finished last week, was built to complement a .500 3″ droplock double rifle that we completed for the client several years ago, which has seen regular use in Africa.

He always fancied ordering something larger, but initially wanted to start with a calibre that was more manageable. Once he got used to the .500 3″, the .577 3″ seemed a natural progression, although in real terms it really is a step up from the .500 3″, delivering serious horsepower!

The rifle has the more square bodied action file up which was requested by the client. We offer this style and the more rounded body with the scroll back, found traditionally on our droplock shotguns. Featuring scenes of the ‘Big 5’ the rifle embodies all that is classic in a Westley Richards dangerous game double rifle.

WR Rifle #20328-10929-Edit WR Rifle #20328-10908-Edit WR Rifle #20328-10905-EditWR Rifle #20328-10872-EditWR Rifle #20328-10818-Edit

5 thoughts on “Deluxe Game Scene Westley Richards .577 Droplock Double Rifle

  1. What a marvelous rifle, perfectly executed as always! Indeed the 577 is a big power increase from the 500, but I’m sure the client will have a great deal of fun with this one in Africa, too!! The squared action suits this one quite nicely.

  2. This is a delight to behold! I’d never really considered the difference between .500 and .577, time to get my copy of “Pondero” off the bookshelves! I assume your client will then continue the progression to a .600?

  3. Trigger

    The whole package is sheer ‘class’ so typical of Westley!

    You mention scroll back or square bodied actions, is there a difference in strength under such recoil ?
    Would the rifle be the same weight with either action, will the timber absorb recoil better with ‘scroll’ or ‘square’?

    The client must be so happy with his choice, stunning!

    Best regards. Peter.

    • Hi Peter

      There is no difference in strength under recoil, neither action presents any problem. We have built a good few .577 magnums on the scroll back design and they have held up without issue.

      Regarding weight, there is no appreciable difference, particularly on a rifle weighing 13lb 8ozs!

      Best regards


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