Edward Green’s Galway Rosewood Country Boot. Essential Shooting Kit.

Edward Green Galway Rosewood Boot

An essential part of my shooting kit has, for many years, been a pair of these Edward Green Galway country boots. I am on my second pair in 16 years, the first having been ‘misplaced’ or perhaps even purloined, they were after all ageing very nicely!

Admittedly these are not inexpensive boots but just like a best gun they just last and last, getting better as they age with you. Simply divide the cost by the years you think you have left in the field to justify it if needed, they will surely last. I have 15 pairs of Edward Green shoes and live in them which is why when we started our shop here I wanted to offer them to our customers. They are a product I can both trust and can highly recommend.

Edward Green Craftsman

Edward Green has represented the pinnacle of Northampton’s shoe making tradition for over a century. Today they continue to strive to make the very best shoes available and I have never seen any compromise in the quality of the materials or make during the years I have been wearing them.

Treat yourself, I am sure you won’t regret it! And no, the Crockett & Jones version doesn’t come close in my opinion, it is nice but not best!

Edward Green

Edward Green 2


2 thoughts on “Edward Green’s Galway Rosewood Country Boot. Essential Shooting Kit.

  1. Simon:

    Lovely boots – well on their way to attaining life’s patina. Out of curiosity, do you wear them in Africa or do you stick with your Courteney boots?

    • No, I don’t wear them in Africa only here in Europe when I hunt or walk. Africa deserves a pair that goes up below the knee which they don’t make and I don’t have so I stick with the Courteney or even an old pair of Russell’s that I had made long before we started with Courteney’s.

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