Holland & Holland, 500 NE, Double Rifle Holland & Holland Royal Deluxe .500 Double Rifle. Engraved by P. Coggan.

James Purdey, .470, Double Rifle James Purdey & Son .470 Double Rifle. Engraved by Flohimont Cecile.

Westley Richards, .470, Double Rifle Westley Richards & Co. .470 Double Rifle. Engraved by Vince Crowley.

Boss & Co. .500, Over Under, Rifle.Boss & Co. .500 Over and Under Double Rifle.

There are currently four gunmakers in England producing sidelock double rifles for dangerous game, an example of each of the companies models are shown above. All are rifles are built in recent times, by which I mean within the last 15 years. The first three are photographed from the same angle and in the same position as each other so a visual comparison can be made.

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