Engraving Fine Scroll, Engraving Fine Details

Westley Richards, 410, engraving,

If there was some method of measuring the length of cut scroll lines, I imagine you would find that the quantity of fine scroll on this .410 top lever about equal to the whole side of a sidelock shotgun. This is an example of fine scroll at its finest, a word I use to describe both the size and the quality of the work.

Vince Crowley learned his craft under the guidance of Rashid Hadi here at Westley Richards. Rashid is a master of fine scroll, when with clear head, the speed, dexterity and quality of work he produces off a spinning engraving vice is an absolute joy to watch. For Vince, the time with Rash was a time spent learning the hand skills needed to execute this level of work. The rotation of the vice, the sharpening of the gravers, varying depth of cut, shading, layout and whatever other magic is required to execute fine scroll at this level of finesse. It was time very well spent as you can see from this magnificent work.

And the game scene is not too bad either!!

Westley Richards, 410, Cover PlateThe Cover Plate on the Westley Richards .410 Droplock Shotgun. Eng. V. Crowley.

James Purdey, Damascus Barrel, Fine ScrollFine Scroll Coverage on the action of a new James Purdey Damascus Barrel Sidelock.

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