Exceptional Westley Richards .375 Sidelock Double Rifle

The sidelock double rifle is one of those rarified items from the house of Westley Richards. Known traditional for our hand detachable lock guns and rifles, every now and then we love to throw a sidelock gun or rifle out there just to show the London houses what the team here in Birmingham are capable of achieving.

In this particular instance, we have a fantastically proportioned .375 H & H Magnum calibre double rifle which has proved to be a great platform for this exceptional engraving. The design combines elaborate scroll with gold inlay and impressive scenes of elephant, buffalo and lion. The scenes have real movement about them which adds genuine character to the rifle and gives the whole design a unique flow.

Our sidelock double rifles have really proved in recent years to be the basis for many great museum-worthy projects including the ‘India’ and ‘Africa’ rifles, with several more exceptional pieces already in the pipeline. We will keep you posted as these projects progress as some exhibit embellishment techniques not seen since the days of the Maharajah’s.

A lion snarls out from the underside of the action body.

Wonderful gold detailing adorns the elaborate scroll. Our sidelock in unique to Westley Richards in that it incorporates our famous model ‘C’ dolls head fastener and snap action lever work.

Bull elephants in battle adorn the right lock plate.

4 thoughts on “Exceptional Westley Richards .375 Sidelock Double Rifle

  1. Trigger

    What a phenomenal piece of workmanship from the ‘House of Westley Richards’ !
    The long road from its conception to what is so crisply photographed on the Explora blog today must have been a tremendous journey so far, the achievements by the team and engraver skills are staggering, just what the rifle will look like on completion we can only imagine and drool over.

    Such individual taste in engraving it’s definitely not the house ‘rose and scroll’, the client has downloaded his dreams into the engraver.

    The finish to the action, what will it be ?

    Quite a rare beast!

    Best regards


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