Fabulous Lovenberg Engraved Hartmann & Weiss Rifle Trio

We make no apologies here at Westley Richards for showing you some of the finest guns and rifles built by some of the worlds greatest craftsman. Included in this list of master craftsman are without doubt Gerhard Hartmann and Otto Weiss, founders of Hartmann & Weiss, gun and rifle makers of Hamburg, Germany.

For many years, perhaps decades, they set the standard for excellence in gun and rifle manufacture so encouraging a whole new generation of craftsmen both in Europe and the Uk, a benefit to us all and the industry as a whole.

This set of three take down bolt action rifles in .300 Winchester Magnum, .416 Rigby and .500 Jeffery, are testament to their continued skill. What makes them even more special is the fabulous engraving executed by master engraver Alain Lovenberg. The detail and precision of work is without compromise and explains why Alain has forged such a reputation in the engraving world. It is great to see his level of workmanship on these three fine rifles.

At SCI this year I had the pleasure, along with several other gunmakers from both the Uk and Europe of sharing Otto Weiss’s company at the bar for a few beers. Whilst you might take him for an unassuming and quiet old man, he can still hold his own at the bar regaling many a fantastic tale of yesteryear. Later this year Otto celebrates his 80th Birthday, a landmark by anyones reckoning, even more so when you consider he still turns up for work every day!

Elegant lines in keeping with vintage British rifles.

Fantastic design and execution by master engraver Alain Lovenberg.

Intricate engraving detail throughout the rifles.

5 thoughts on “Fabulous Lovenberg Engraved Hartmann & Weiss Rifle Trio

    • Hi Neil

      The take down system is a threaded version as also used by WR. The catch system is different to ours, but we have a new version coming out later this year.

      Happy Easter to all!


  1. Hi Trigger

    Without doubt unquestionable top quality workmanship, consecutively numbered, the particular person who had them created is very fortunate indeed to own this fabulous trio!
    Alain Lovenberg has certainly shown himself to be at the top of his game!
    At a glance when together you can see the difference between them, the amount of timber round the magazine floor plate shows the difference in calibre.
    Can’t make out what lettering has been used on the express sights!
    Having said all the above I prefer a more subtle approach to the decoration on a gun, a combination of elegant lines and classic engraving equates itself to be typical of what I would be looking for in a useable gun or rifle.

    Best regards

    PS; Happy Easter to all at “Westley Richards”.

  2. Wow, even by the already high standards of the firearms on these pages these stand apart, they are utterly beautiful. Normally, like Peter, I prefer a simpler finish, but I could make an exception for this trio!

  3. Looks like what I would consider to be a Royal presentation rifle. I love the wood but the engraving is over the top even for The Explora.

    David Hodo

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