12g-Fantasy Fantasy-12gOne of a pair of Fantasy Engraved Westley Richards 12g Round Action Sidelock guns.  

It is always exciting to get guns back from the engravers, especially when they have been away on a long project like this pair has, it has been definitely well worth the wait in this case! I have always believed fantasy style engraving suits guns so well and I am a great admirer of it. The Italian engravers are masters of the subject when done in fine bollino style, but here in its raw state and before case colour hardening, is a much deeper cut version which once hardened and finished will look very special indeed. The subject matter, masks, ornaments and figures lend themselves to the three dimensional work so well and when executed so carefully, as in this instance, they make a very welcome change form the traditional game scene guns of which we see a lot.

This is another pair of guns which we plan to have on show in USA during the early show season. I look forward to posting the photographs of the pair when they are finished in a couple of months time. At that point I plan to do a profile on the engraver, showing the full range of work he has completed for us to date.

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