Fieldsports Magazine – The Eternal Allure of the Double Rifle.

Pieldsports Magazine Article.

Under the new direction of Marcus Janssen, who became their editor just over a year ago, Fieldsports magazine has gone from strength to strength and it now sits firmly at the top, being best of all the shooting magazines offered in this country.

Unique I think for this magazine is the diversity of articles that are included and which cover wing-shooting, big game shooting, shotguns, rifles, fishing and dogs amongst other things which interest the field-sportsman. There is literally something for everyone, all informative, well written and well illustrated.

In this months issue you will find an article written by Marcus on Double Rifles, for us this is very nice to see, it being a subject not often covered in the magazines here in England.

For those of you who have not yet seen this magazine I strongly recommend getting a subscription which you can do here, Fieldsports subscriptions, I am quite sure you will not regret the 6 issues at £29.99 for UK subscribers and £54 ($80) for USA worldwide.

Fieldsports Magazine



4 thoughts on “Fieldsports Magazine – The Eternal Allure of the Double Rifle.

  1. I agree Simon. Fieldsports is the only magazine I receive regularly, though I do read The Field too, but not my own copy.

    Well written, good contributors, decent spread of subjects and nicely printed. I suspect it won’t be long before it goes monthly.


    • Dear Simon

      Thanks again for all the superb posts. This summary points to a most interesting article. And good to see one of world’s most infamous .577’s straddling the double spread 🙂

      Is there any possibility to post it online here? It’s very difficult to try and reach this journal from the 3rd world. I agree that the likes of myself must organize a sub, but the local postage is one of africa’s worst, if not the world’s! Seriously, deliveries to the Antarctic must be more reliable and timely.

      all the best


      PS still waiting for a post highlighting a double in .425 WR!

      • Perhaps they will let us post it later on! I will ask the question.

        Thanks and when I get a .425 double I will show it for sure.

  2. I agree Simon, it’s the best of the bunch. The Field and Shooting times are my other regulars, Fieldsports though is favourite, I have every copy since it came out.

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