Fine Rose & Scroll by Peter Spode on a Pair of 20g Droplocks.

A pair of Westley Richards 20g droplock guns with sideplates.

This pair of Westley Richards 20g droplock shotguns, with the additional side plates have just been completed with classic fine rose and scroll style engraving by Peter Spode. These guns will now be case colour hardened, blacked and ready for the field in a few weeks. The guns are 70th birthday present to a customer… from himself, Happy Birthday!

5 thoughts on “Fine Rose & Scroll by Peter Spode on a Pair of 20g Droplocks.

  1. Morning,

    Sir- this is a great gift to one self, it’s also something to shoot for. Not only to get a pair of shotguns but to make it to 70.
    Happy Birthday young man, and what a beautiful pair of actions. I look forward to seeing them in a finished state.

    In Christ

    • Our use of side plates is not that common, I think of the 130 or so guns we have in the workshops currently there may be half a dozen which have side plates, possibly less. In the past we have used them and you will see guns and rifles from early 1900’s fitted with them also.

  2. For me the “droplock” is classic WR’s.Putting on side plates is like giving a spaniel another pair of ears!Notwithstanding to each his own.

    • It may be a classic WR design, but I think the addition of sideplates can add some substantial real estate for engraving – especially larger game scenes – in addition to a more graceful transition to the wood. Of course, beauty lies with both designs.

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