‘Gravure sur Armes’. An Excellent New Book on Engraving by Laurent Bedu.


I am not plugging this book simply because it has used our photography on the cover and extensively inside, but rather because it is an excellent reference of modern engraving. Altogether it is very well illustrated and very nicely designed. I am unable to comment on the writing due to my language skills, which being typically English, are nil!

This is a comprehensive work of 432 pages, a large book the same size format as our own book In Pursuit of the Best Gun. Half of the book covers techniques and a general overall look at gun engraving and the second half of the book focus’s on the work of 16 individual engravers.

We now have the book available on our webshop, I got 10 copies as readers were finding it hard to purchase from France. Please Link here to buy your copy.

scenes chasse


deerhunter - copie

fond creux

pedersoli 2


freycon - copie



incrust or

5 thoughts on “‘Gravure sur Armes’. An Excellent New Book on Engraving by Laurent Bedu.

  1. Well that looks like a magnificent book and the photography is over the top! One I will have to add to my collection for sure. But, like you said, the website could use some help!

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