Latest Westley Richards 20g Ovundo Engraving

Just back from engraving is this latest interpretation of the Westley Richards ‘Ovundo’ model 20g shotgun. The Ovundo project was reintroduced in 2004 after an absence of 60 years and it must be admitted that it has turned into a real labour of love. The gun is complex to say the least as it incorporates Westley Richards famous hand detachable locks and single selective trigger. The best grade guns and rifles had the side plates with side opening ports as shown here.

The British over and under shotgun has always been a complex affair and the Ovundo probably pushes the boundary of what technically can be built into an over and under gun whilst remaining faithful to the companies unique patents and designs. The Ovundo is a technical marvel (perhaps anomaly?!!!) and in the sleek lines of a 20g it is contrary to popular belief a very elegant gun.

This particular gun has a modern take on an elaborate scroll design that was first seen on a Maharaja Ovundo rifle that resides here at the factory. The fences have been carved in a suitable scroll design which carries forward onto the barrel breech ends before turning into an almost Celtic design along the barrel bar. Interestingly with vintage Ovundo’s there seems to be a lot of variation in the engraving pattern from gun to gun, certainly more so than the house scroll droplock sides by sides that the company built during the same period. So it goes that all the Ovundos built in the modern era have varied in engraving design, so carrying on the tradition of individuality.

Carved fences and bars is a feature of all the modern Ovundo.

The elaborate scroll design carries well across the hinged cover plate and trigger guard.

4 thoughts on “Latest Westley Richards 20g Ovundo Engraving

  1. Over the years I had several chances to buy an Ovundo but never did.
    I sure am sorry I didn’t but I would love this one.Good luck to the lucky
    guy (or girl) who will own this one.

  2. Hi Trigger

    How glorious is this ‘ Ovundo’, I guarantee it will be complemented with the most beautiful timber, can’t wait to see the finished gun!
    Will the gun be sporting a case colour finish? Love the black and white photos!
    If the client doesn’t collect when completed give me a shout I’m sure I’ll find something I could trade for it !

    Best regards and to all at “Westley’s” have a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year.


  3. Superb engraving, very tasteful and well executed. I have always liked the Ovundo and that one would be a pleasure to own.

    Matt Schmidt.

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