Leslie B Taylor (1863-1930) was a great pioneer in sporting guns, rifles and ballistics during what many consider to be the Golden Age of Gunmaking.  He spent his entire working life at Westley Richards and amongst other things saw the titanic transition from black powder to nitro powder which in itself revolutionized gun and in particular rifle ballistics and development.

Of Taylors many inventions, designs and patents one of the most famous must be the development of the ‘Capped Bullet’.  What might look simple today was in fact a complex bullet design that allowed for both maximum shock effect whilst ensuring maximum stability and accuracy.  This design really came into its own in the ‘Explora’, ‘Super Magnum Explora’ and ‘Fauneta’ guise which was intended for gauge guns.  Only a short length of rifled choke at the muzzle had to stabilize the bullet with groupings from both barrels of 3″ at 100 yards the norm!  The fact that this was achievable rests very much with Taylor’s ingenuity.

Today such guns are collectors pieces with original ammunition even rarer still.   One day we hope to pay tribute to Leslie B Taylor by re-introducing both his bullet design and the fine guns to go with them.

fffIMG_5506       A selection of ‘LT’ Capped ammunition

fffJob_0503   A stunning 12g ‘Modele de Grande Luxe’ Super Magnum Explora completed in 1925


  1. Great Bullet Design for Shot Shell s
    Does anyone have any draft drawing s?

    Thanks I advise
    George A Tetreault III

  2. Ross Seyfried published a great story in the Double Gun Journal about Super Magnum Explora and how one can get it to shoot today to Leslie Taylor’s standard. Ross claims he killed an elk at 200+ yards with this combo, and bagged a few quail on the same hunt.

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