MauserPre War Mauser pamphlet

1287-Rear page detailing the .318 Westley Richards as a standard chambering in the type ‘A’ rifle


Whilst searching through archive it was interesting to find this old Mauser pamphlet from before WW II.  Mauser really were the pre-eminent mass manufacturer of quality affordable big game rifles, and as we all know suppliers of actions to the British gun trade on which so many great proprietary calibres were introduced.  What is significant on this particular pamphlet is the notification of both the .318 Westley Richards & .404 Eley Rimless (Jeffery) as chosen calibres in the type ‘A’ rifles.  The only two British calibres.  The reason sited was the availability of ammunition where Mauser cartridges were not so easy to obtain.  The .318 Westley Richards really must have been popular to gain this accolade, maybe its time for Mauser to offer it as a standard chambering once again?!

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