Modern Take On Westley Richards 20g ‘Gold Name’ Shotgun

WR 20g #20354-8392-Edit

Late last year we completed the first for many a year ‘Gold Name’ droplock double rifle in .577 3″ light. The simplicity of the ‘gold name’ engraving highlighted the elegance and beauty of a modern big bore double rifle where gunmaking could be seen in its purest form.

Well for those non-rifle fans amongst you here is the latest ‘Gold Name’ to leave our factory and it happens to be a small gauge shotgun, a 20g droplock. One of the keys to building a great unembellished gun is to stock it with fabulous wood and once again we managed to dig into the depths of our reserves and find a super piece of Turkish exhibition grade walnut. More importantly the actual craftsmanship must be second to none, as such a gun leaves nothing to be hidden.

Another nice attribute of this gun is the case which we put together as a lightweight leather in dark tan cowhide, with double locks and then French fitted inside with green goatskin to add a more classy finish.

It goes without saying that the hard work of all those involved in the manufacture of this gun and case made something that looks so simple, look so damn nice. It required far more work than the photos here can ever tell, but therein lies the secret.

WR 20g #20354-8404-Edit WR 20g #20354-8419-Edit WR 20g #20354-8429-Edit WR 20g #20354-8461-Edit

5 thoughts on “Modern Take On Westley Richards 20g ‘Gold Name’ Shotgun

  1. A little beauty!If I have a complaint,its that it is not a 16 bore.
    I admire this guy’s taste and may he enjoy for years to come.

  2. Dear Trigger

    Captivating unadulterated simplicity, “Just Gold Name” it’s far more than that it’s superb quality! Beautiful well chosen timber complements the gun superbly.
    That ‘case’ in my mind is the perfect choice, shows off the clean lines of the gun, one complements the other, French fitted or old style Scottish?

    Your “client” has made a wonderful choice and with ammunition that suits both gun and owner all concentration will be on the quarry, I’m not jealous but envious!

    Best regards. Peter.

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