My Christmas iPad cover gift from our Leather Shop.

Westley Richards iPad case in natural leather.

Natural leather has always featured heavily in the history of gunmaking and is the colour I have always really liked. It is the skin used for many of the beautiful old cases you will have  seen, wonderfully matured, 100 or more years since they were made.

So it was with real pleasure that I received at Christmas this very nice cover for my iPad from the team in our leather shop, just in time for my trip to the USA. Made in a classic English style, natural leather, yellow stitching and hand burnished edges.

I have photographed the cover on my desk blotter which was made about a year ago from the same colour hide. This shows how nicely the leather darkens to a rich cognac colour.

Thank you very much leather shop!

2 thoughts on “My Christmas iPad cover gift from our Leather Shop.

    • I am sure we could and 6 also! We are planning to do these and I will get them sorted when I get back from USA in early Feb.

      Thank You!

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