New Westley Richards .30-06 Take Down Magazine Rifle

Once again the guys at the factory here have produced another gem of a magazine rifle in the venerable .30-06 Springfield cartridge. Developed originally for US military use the .30-06 cartridge soon caught on in the hunting world and has since been chambered in the sporting rifles produced by just about every major manufacturer in the world.

Our own example is built in take down format and the rifle speaks of elegant simplicity with each detail executed to the highest standard. We have always said that some of the least embellished of our guns and rifles have the most to say, as so little can be hidden under the disguise of the engraving. Beautiful wood and sharp clean lines are the order of the day.

A post war brochure detailing the best quality magazine rifles being built by Westley Richards. The .30-06 features as one of the calibres and suggests a move towards the American market for new guns and rifles.

Elements of case colour hardening and light bluing add to the overall elegance of the rifle.

Post war the .30-06 was offered by Westley in three versatile bullet loadings. The calibre remains a favourite among hunters today.

Simple yet effective engraving details.


4 thoughts on “New Westley Richards .30-06 Take Down Magazine Rifle

  1. Great looking rifle! I really like the little touches of engraving on the gun to include “4 cartridges ” on the floor plate. The takedown barrels add a nice touch.


  2. 30-06 offers a huge number of sporting opportunities and matched to what is a very elegant workhorse, really looks purposeful.

  3. Hi Trigger

    What a wonderful looking rifle, quite plain and simple in appearance but having said that it just oozes class in every respect, in such a popular calibre.
    Choosing a 4 cartridge magazine keeps that elegant slimline look below the receiver, added to that a take down, the client was being incredibly clever with his foresight !


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