New Westley Richards .450/.400 3″ Fresh Back From Engraving

Back from engraving this last week is this fabulous sideplated, single trigger, droplock double rifle in .450/.400 3″ calibre. Decorated with elaborate scroll, gold naming and game scenes depicting three of the ‘Big 5’ this rifle has been built to our ‘Modéle de Luxe’ standard.

As double rifles go this one might be considered slightly unconventional with its Westley Richards single selective trigger. Controversial in the eye of many double rifle enthusiasts, the great ivory hunter James Sutherland had one fitted in his .577 3″ way back in 1906 and used it until he died in 1932.

Another interesting aspect of this rifle is the calibre. The .450/.400 3″ has seen a resurgence since the introduction of modern factory ammunition. At one time the calibre was an industry standard appearing in rifles manufactured by Manton, Holland & Holland, Watson Bros. and Westley Richards to name but a few. Introduced in cordite version by W.J.Jeffery it was considered the all-round calibre prior to the introduction of Hollands lethal .375 Magnum.

Whilst sometimes bulky in vintage rifles which used generic action sizes, in the modern era this calibre makes for a very sleek and fast handling rifle which is still more than capable of taking all of Africa’s dangerous game.


8 thoughts on “New Westley Richards .450/.400 3″ Fresh Back From Engraving

  1. We shall be very eager to see it stocked and cased. It is quite satisfying to know that someone has such elegant taste and that the team at WR is capable of satisfying it.

  2. Trigger

    Another unique classic ‘Westley Richards’ rifle, such individual engraving choice by the client, the execution of which is just fabulous, what a talented engraver !
    The side plates adding that extra something special to an extremely glorious action.

    The Westley Richards team have just done it again ‘built something rather special’.

    Best regards


  3. 450/400 my all-time favourite calibre!This one is a beauty and how I envy the new owner and applaud his taste.Trigger you have no idea what vicarious pleasure we aficionados get from seeing stuff like this come to fruition.Please keep them coming!

  4. Fabulous. It certainly does look sleek. What is the anticipated weight when finished? And if I may ask, what length are the barrels? Regards, Ned

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