New Westley Richards .577 Hand Detachable Lock Double Rifle

WR #20308-4706-Edit

It is always nice to see another ‘beast’ completed here at the factory and this .577 droplock proves that we continue to lead the way with the production of big bore double rifles. Based very much on the Sutherland .577 double rifle that we have here at the factory this rifle has been built very much to be used and its new owner is itching to get the rifle into the field and hunt some dangerous game.

WR #20308-4756-EditWR #20308-4775-Edit

This rifle is the full blown magnum version of the .577 firing the 750 grain bullet, however the rifle only weighs in at 12lb 8ozs and so it is a little lively on the range! Before anyone asks, this is how the client wanted it built and so true to form we built the rifle. Lets be honest, in the face of a full on charge a handy .577 will be of less concern than a touch of recoil!

WR #20308-4736-Edit

6 thoughts on “New Westley Richards .577 Hand Detachable Lock Double Rifle

  1. If beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, then this is a beauty to me. The configuration is all traditional Westley Richards with the WR scroll pattern, and the gold name banner. To my taste all of the textures and colors are spectacular and it is perfectly executed. It is also cased and equipped to match the rifle perfectly, with spare locks. The Cape Buffalo covering is perfect. What joy this rifle should bring. I would love to wear the finish from this one. I can give this piece no higher praise that to say, if I were to place an order today, you could simply copy this one with one exception. Make mine 14 1/2 pounds!! Well done.

  2. Lively or not, it is a thing of beauty! Let’s face it, you are unlikely to use too many rounds in any one day, and as you say, handiness is a no-brainer in a tight corner with an angry Cape Buffalo!

  3. Truly perfection! I think this style of engraving is in good taste for a rifle such as this, mine only weighs 9lb, but then it is a falling block 577″, so I know what you mean when you say t will be “lively” in recoil!

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