New Westley Richards Safari Jacket & Shirt

Safari, Jimmy StewartStewart ‘Jimmy’ Granger on Safari with his .577 Westley Richards Double. 

Safari Jacket, Linen, WR & Co. Westley Richards,

Safari Jacket,Westley Richards, Nigel Cabourn,

Safari Shirt, WR & Co. Westley Richards.

It has taken me many years to get a Safari jacket made which I like, it is one of the areas which over the years I have wasted a lot of time and a lot of £! Having been helped by various designers and factories over the years and being never been quite satisfied, I am very pleased with this safari jacket and shirt which are the start of a range of products that we will be making some of which were designed for us by Nigel Cabourn a couple of years ago. The Linen fabric is from an Italian Mill and was especially made for the project, it is lightweight and very breathable. I hope you will like them and take them to Africa where they belong!

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Linen Safari Jacket       Cotton Safari Shirt

Safari Boot


5 thoughts on “New Westley Richards Safari Jacket & Shirt

    • I have done this lighter version and will have a thicker version soon. I always wear lighter shirts myself. Personally I don’t think shirts work that well against tsetse as a whole, they just bite my arms and neck instead! I prefer the dung burner as seen in the shots from my safari in Rungwa, where there were plenty of tsetse!! So no, this is not the Tsetse model!

      • Thanks for the insight, Simon. I agree, actually. I just returned a couple days ago from the Luangwa Valley and Lochinvar where it was astonishingly too hot for tsetse, in which case the lighter shirt would work well. I asked because I have a strong reaction to the bites and recall a recommendation to be air-lifted out of Grumeti Tanzania one year. This time, I went armed with a stronger prescription cortisone cream, antibiotics, and antihistamine. That cocktail only helped tame the bites I received, but the hits to face and neck, lats and shoulders could hardly be avoided on the “cooler” mornings. I’ll order one now (or give the hint of a gift) and get the armored version when it’s available. Damn, I missed that .425 Deluxe that went up while I was gone.

    • Our clothing is available in our shop if you would please look there online you will find it on our top navigation.

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