On my Recent Trip to Gulf Breeze Florida, I discovered ‘HOBO” Knives.

Hobo Knives

As you have seen with the various ‘gun junk’ I scatter around my photographs, I like picking up bits and pieces relating to our sport as I travel around, they all add to the collection of interesting, nicely made items, each with a story to tell, that I keep in my apartment here in England for use as photo ‘props’.

A few weeks ago I made a quick trip to Florida to meet contractors and shop-fitters for our new offices in Gulf Breeze. With the shop being next door to Gulf Breeze Firearms I spent quite some time in there.  Duke McCaa has amassed over his years in the trade a treasure trove of little bits and pieces. ‘Cutlery’ is a large part of their business besides firearms and I have always enjoyed picking up simple and useful types of hunting knives and wing shooting knives so I thoroughly enjoyed picking through his collection and trying to pry the rarer pieces from his private showcase.

I had never seen or heard of these ‘Hobo Knives’ before and ended up getting the three here which I am very pleased with. I see them as a very useful ‘campaign’ type accessory, nice to have in your pocket when deep in the bush for a picnic.

Hobo Knives in Open Position

This interesting article about the history of the Knives is for anybody else who has yet to discover the Hobo. Each page can be clicked on to enlarge and read.

Hobo 1Hobo 2Hobo 3Hobo 4Hobo 5Hobo 6Hob o 7Hobo 8

2 thoughts on “On my Recent Trip to Gulf Breeze Florida, I discovered ‘HOBO” Knives.

  1. Good Day Simon,

    I recommend that anyone driving near Florida stop by and see Duke at Gulf Breeze. I have been to the store a few times and it always a pleasure. It seem to me that everytime I stop by for a visit I find something I hadn’t seen before. Gulf Breeze is a really great Southern gun shop. One thing for certain you will always be treated to some good ole southern hospility while visiting. There are more things to see at Gulf Breeze than you can shake a stick at. Thanks for the pictures of the Hobo knives Simon, I had not seem them at Gulf Breeze….Yet!!!

    In Christ

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