Some double rifles from the Westley Richards collection.

WR Collection

I took this quick shot for Instagram tonight and thought it may amuse some of you to see it all in full in one piece.

From Left. Jeffery 600, Westley 240, Westley 303, Westley 32-40, Westley 577, Boss 500, Purdey 470,  H&H 500, H&H 375, H&H 500/465.

6 thoughts on “Some double rifles from the Westley Richards collection.

  1. Well I am indeed amused. As diverse a group as could be imagined. “The” Jeffery .600 snap-action sidelock, Ovumdo’s, the Boss O/U, W-R .303, and my two favorites the W-R .500 & .32/40. I have the perfect mould for the .32/40. That was fun.

  2. Great Morning Gals & Gents!!!

    What a collection, what diversity. There may never be another opportunity to see such great guns together on a single venue. Thank you for sharing!!!!

    In Christ

  3. Dear Sir ,
    I need your help/ support for identification of my double barrel rifle .it is a Westley Richards .
    Please be so kind and contact me .

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