Pair Woodward 12g   A Cased Pair of Woodward 12g Sidelock Ejector Guns

The end of the shooting season in England is always followed for a few months after, with the steady influx of “I am hanging up my guns, guns”, the guns belonging to people who have either decided to hang up their guns permanently or those trading in for something new for the coming season. Here, for those on the lookout for a new gun or pair for their next season, is a small selection which is going on the Westley Richards Used Gun Site in the next few days .

Pair Westley Richards 12g Sidelocks    A Cased Pair of Westley Richards Sidelock Ejector Guns  

Pair Westley Richards Boxlock 12g      A Cased Pair of Westley Richards Boxlock Ejector Guns 

Charles Lancaster 12g     A Cased Charles Lancaster 12g Sidelock Shotgun

Holland & Holland 375 BAA Holland & Holland .375 Magnum Bolt Action Rifle

Army & Navy 470An Army & Navy 470NE Boxlock Ejector Rifle. 


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