Some shots of Westley Richards Guns & Rifles.

The Westley Richards India Rifle

The Leica shop in Mayfair were kind enough to lend me a couple of lenses for my camera this week when mine packed up, they sent me a replacement 120mm and their Tilt Shift lens to try on the camera. It will take me some time getting to grips with the Tilt Shift lens no doubt but it can take some rather extraordinary views of a gun! It may look a little odd but it certainly puts another perspective on the shots as you can see above. I hope with a little more practise I can get the peacock on the butt-plate and the elephant in focus!

The Westley Richards Lion Rifle

Small Bore Guns by Westley Richards

Westley Richards 28g shotgun

Westley Richards .600 India Rifle

Westley Richards Rifles and Shotgun

Westley Richards Lion Rifle.

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